YoDerm Lets You Visit the Dermatologist Without Leaving Home, But Is It Worth It?

YoDerm Lets You Visit the Dermatologist Without Leaving Home, But Is It Worth It?

Visiting the dermatologist is a painful experience – in my opinion. Just getting an appointment with a reputable dermo takes more dedication than landing a spot at Harvard. And, you have to mentally prep for emotional turmoil of paying out of pocket for your visit, since (at least in my case) the treatments are considered “cosmetic” by the insurance company.

I’m pretty sure I had heart palpitations the first time the receptionist at my dermo’s office handed me a $1,100 bill for my sessions and treatment. Seriously, no one should have to choose between clear skin and paying their rent.

So, I was pretty curious when a new online dermatologist company reached out to me to try it out. YoDerm is a web-platform which connects patients with board-certified dermatologists who provide acne and acne related consultations on-demand.

2016-09-06_9-11-00The service costs $59 for the consultation and works by having the patient upload a makeup-free photo to the platform and complete an individual skin type profile. Disclosure: My consultation fee was waived by the company, but no compensation was provided for this review.


My Consultation Pic

Within 24 hours a doctor evaluates the image and profile and provides a diagnosis and treatment plan.


My doctor prescribed the over-the-counter face wash Cetaphil and a topical cream hydroquinone for my acne and hyperpigmentation.


YoDerm called my prescription into my local pharmacy and even provided me a discount coupon for the medicine when it was alerted that my insurance would not cover the $70 cost – cause… “cosmetic.”


My doctor also requested that I follow up in three months and upload new photos so he can evaluate how my treatment is progressing.


The Verdict:

Overall, the YoDerm feels like a no-brainer solution to a pretty common skin problem. The system is user-friendly and I appreciated that they kept everything simple and streamlined. Honestly, I had delayed testing the company because I thought the process was going to be way more complicated. It was nice that it was so easy.

I’ll update my review in three months to let you know how my treatment is going. In the meantime, YoDerm is providing my readers $10 off their first consultation.

It’s worth checking out if you’re tired of dealing with acne and don’t want to mortgage your home for treatments.

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