Entrepreneurs To Watch: Christina Thompson Brings Glam To Golf

Entrepreneurs To Watch: Christina Thompson Brings Glam To Golf

Christina Thompson Golf4HerWomen spend nearly $900 million on golf apparel and equipment in the United States annually, yet are challenged to find items that fit their needs.  Luckily golf lover and entrepreneur Christina Thompson has got their back. As Founder & Owner of Golf4Her, this business dynamo is on a mission to provide comfortable and stylist golf fashion and accessories to women so they can fully enjoy the game.

I caught up with this avid golfer and New Jersey native to ask her about her tips on launching a business that aligns with your passion:


Photo Credit: Bob Karp

Photo Credit: Bob Karp

What inspired you to start Golf4Her?

Like most female golfers, I struggled to find apparel that fit my personal style. Clothes either were unstylish, unflattering or looked like the designer simply decided to pink-it-and-shrink-it. Back in 2005, I was looking for a place to get new golf clothes. After coming up with nothing it hit me. I walked into a colleagues office and said “I am going to open a golf store for women’s golf clothes.” Went home and started the business plan.


What does Golf4Her represent?

The name says it all. Golf4Her is for women’s who embrace all that is golf and the golf lifestyle. They are strong, smart, ambitious, athletic and love playing the sport.

Did you have any background in fashion or sports prior to starting your company?

When I was younger, I loved playing sports, of any kind. It wasn’t until I turned 30 that I started playing golf with my husband. I’ve been hooked ever since. Actually, I play more than him now. As far as fashion, I don’t have a ‘formal’ fashion background. Throughout my college years, I did a bunch of modeling for fashion shows and print work, which exposed me to a really fun side of the fashion industry. But that wasn’t really what interested me. I was more interested in the business side of fashion.

What did you do before starting your company? 

Right out of college, I worked for a small business selling medical equipment. Started there as a receptionist and left 13 years later as VP of Marketing. From there, I worked for 6 years in medical education; until 2009 as Vice President of Strategic Marketing for a division of United Healthcare. When I look back, all of the work experiences I’ve had through the years prepared me for Golf4Her. Timing is everything.

What type of women buy your items?

Our customers are women who are looking for golf apparel that helps them feel and look feminine on and off the golf course.

Do you have any celebrity clients?

Yes, we actually have a few celebrities, professional golfers and sports figures who shop with us pretty regularly. Two of our most regular customers are Radio and TV Sports personalities Tina Cervasio (MSG Network) and Anita Marks (NBC Sports Radio Network). Would love to have (golfers) Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Catherine Zeta Jone as customers one day.  We are also the apparel sponsor for 6 LPGA tour players.

Which item is your favorite? Why? 

If it’s available on Golf4Her.com it’s my favorite. We only add styles that we truly love and would want to be caught wearing in public. There is something for everybody and every body type!

Where can the Golf4Her be purchased?

We are online only, but women around the world shop our more than 40 designers and brands. We do have a showroom in Denville, New Jersey where customers are welcome to stop by and shop our catalogs. If you are ever in Denville, NJ, stop by 9 Broadway, Suite 30!

What advice would you give other entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?

If you have passion and determination, I say go for it. It’s better to have failed than to have never tried at all, right? But first, have a long talk with yourself. Being a small business owner can bring great rewards and a sense of accomplishment, but it can come at a high cost. You need to be prepared to invest a lot of sweat-equity into your business. Working long hours, including night and weekends, learning things outside of your comfort zone and family support are all things to consider.

What is one goal you have set for your company for 2015?

We want to continue positioning ourselves to become the first name women think of when they need to shop for golf clothes and accessories.

Check out some of Christina’s cool Golf4Her items below.


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