Workwear Style: Terese Sydonna Dresses & Daya Shoes, Just Say Yes!

Workwear Style: Terese Sydonna Dresses & Daya Shoes, Just Say Yes!

Dressing professionally in the Summer is always a tricky balancing act. You want to look like a total Boss – perfectly put together with a bit of flare – without turning into a hot sweaty mess by the end of a day. If you’re like me, you like to keep your workwear style simple and fun enough to be able to go from the office to a rooftop patio for an after-hours cocktail.

Two brands that I’m digging right now for my summer style fix is Terese Sydonna and Daya Shoes.

First of all, the Jamaican-born, New York-bred, Terese Sydonna‘s River Collection is everything right with fashion right now. Her Ursula Print 2-way Zip Tulip- Skirt Neoprene Dress ($375) is super fly, comfortable and an ideal choice for just about any business related meeting.

Titan Industries-16

I love the soft flower detailing and dual-zipper that you can adjust to show as much leg as you want. But of course, I like to keep it classy.

Titan Industries-14

I’m also a sucker for dresses with pockets that don’t look like wings about to take flight.

Titan Industries-5

The dress is just as sleek and stylish in black and could be your LBD Summer go-to.

Titan Industries-9

I also feel in love with the Hurricane Skirt ($395) which is a great choice for those creative work days and Friday afternoons.

Titan Industries-8 I paired the colorful skirt with a throwback crop Tommy Hilfiger jean jacket, but it would also look amazing with a crisp white button up shirt or black tank.

Titan Industries-13

The new Sole of Daya shoe line by – the actress, singer and mogul in the making –  Zendaya is also a perfect pick for Summer.
Titan Industries-3

I paired these garden inspired pumps ($79) with an oldie-but-goodie Calvin Klein fit-and-flare dress.

Titan Industries-2

The multi-color pattern would look fabulous with just about any outfit and would add the right amount of pop to a LBD.

Titan Industries-1

I’m normally not big fan of leopard, but this pair Sole of Daya heels ($79) just spoke to me. Why not add a touch of the wild side to your wardrobe this Summer;)?

*Images by the amazing @GlorifiedPhotography

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