#ZenniStyle: Celebrating My Mom – The Comeback Queen – & Women Who...

#ZenniStyle: Celebrating My Mom – The Comeback Queen – & Women Who Inspire + Giveaway

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Zenni Optical, but all opinions and statements are my own:).

It took a lot for me to become the person I am today. I’ve written and publically spoken a lot about my difficult childhood, surviving years in foster care, working my way through college and taking a leap of faith to follow my passion, start my own business and grow my own brand. Even though I’ve walked a long hard road, I’ve still been blessed to have strong women in my orbit that I knew I wanted to emulate as I got older. These were the women who never gave up. The ones who figured out a way to make the time count and make a way out of no way. The women who made it clear that if they could make their lives count, so could I.

The fam

So, when Zenni Optical reached out to me to recognize the women leaders in my life who could always see the big picture for success – for themselves or others and have the courage to get the job done – I knew I had to be a part of this celebration. And, I knew exactly which strong, beautiful woman leader, I wanted to honor most – my mom.

Me and mom 2

To say my mom has walked through hell and back wouldn’t even come close to describing her struggle and the demons she defeated to take control of her life and her story.  But she did and in the process laid the foundation for the type of woman I wanted to be. One who, no matter how far I might fall, could find the strength to get back up.

Mom 2

My mom isn’t perfect, the best leaders never are, but her resolve to do better, be better and create more for her kids and herself, is near perfect.


She leads with a quiet grace, never boastful of her own accomplishments and has taught me so much over the years through her actions that I can only hope to impart as much wisdom on my own children one day.

Me and Mom

Some of the best lessons I’ve learned from my mom were:

  • That life isn’t always fair, but you get to choose who you’re going be while living it.
  • If you really, really want something, you’ve got to work hard until you get it.
  • No mistake is ever worth giving up on yourself.
  • Not to waste time on people who won’t have your back when it counts.
  • And, you don’t need anyone’s permission to stand up for yourself and the people you care about.

Most importantly, my mom has taught me that any setback – no matter how large – is just the precursor to a big come back. And, my mom’s big comeback continues to inspire me every single day.

Mom renee and me
My Aunt and Mom back in the day. Guess who is in that belly:).

I just want to thank Zenni Optical for recognizing the inspiring women who make a huge impact on our lives with its #ZenniStyle campaign. And, the online fashion frames pioneer wants to keep the celebration going!

Visit my Instagram page to enter to win a free pair of glasses up to $150 from Zenni Optical.  To be eligible to win, follow my page and share a comment about the women who inspire you most and/or your favorite pair of Zenni frames.

A winner will be selected at random on Saturday, June 11, 2016 at 5 PM EST. I wish you all luck, but know the real prize is the chance to honor and celebrate those who’ve made an impact on the lives around them:).

-Charell Star | Not Just A Girl In A Dress

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