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5 Signs You May Fail At Entrepreneurship or Anything Really

Entrepreneurs are crazy people. Crazy in a mad genius sort of way, but crazy all the same. The belief that you can create a business from nothing but your passions and convictions and then inspire others to buy whatever you’re selling requires a certain level of off-center thinking that not


7 Ways to Spectacularly Fail at Entrepreneurship

It takes a lot of courage to start a business. Entrepreneurship is a leap of faith and there are days when your passion and desire to succeed are the only things propelling your forward. There is a dire statistic that states, 50% of all new businesses fail within 5 years.


Arianna Huffington’s Best Business Quotes to Inspire Your Day

Arianna Huffington is the no nonsense co-founder of the award winning site Huffington Post.  Launched in 2005, she began the site as a news aggregator and blog and has grown it to become one of the largest and most read online destinations in the world with more than 89 million


Fashion Queen’s Bevy Smith: Top Tips for Transitioning Your Career

Bevy Smith has many titles: TV host, socialite, journalist, speaker; but she is all about being a success business woman first and foremost. I caught up with the Dinner With Bevy founder and Bravo’s Fashion Queens co-host at New York Women in Communication’s Teen Media Day at LIM College.

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Three Cool Startups You Need to Know

According to the Small Business Administration, 50% of businesses fail within the first five year. It takes a lot of vision, drive, passion and sacrifice to beat those odds, but entrepreneurs do it everyday. Here are three really cool startups that are on the verge of celebrating their first five

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Ways to Create a Life or Business Full of Intent

We all have dreams and goals we want to accomplish in life, whether they be to start or run a successful business, have a happy family, be in a position to give back to the community or all of the above.  With everything going on in our lives it’s easy


Guilt-Free Ways to Say ‘No’

“No, is a complete sentence.” That is best statement I’ve heard in a long time. Those two little letters have a lot of power in your life.  If you are a entrepreneur than I am sure people depend on you. And, sometimes you may find yourself saying, ‘yes’ to them


Event Planning Basics: Tips for Creating A Great Event

Planning an event, no matter occasion, is not easy. Some events can take months to plan and the process of plotting out every single detail can be tedious, but it can also be fun. We all want to create the best event we can. Here are some important tips to