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Rent The Runway Unlimited

I’ve wanted to test out Rent The Runway Unlimited for a while now. The designer clothing rental company launched the service back in 2015. It allows subscribers to borrow an unlimited number of items each month and keep them as long as they like.

The caveat is that you can only check out three items at a time and must ship them back or drop them off to a store before borrowing new items. 

I had a busy month of TV and event appearances, so I figured this would be a great time to try the service and add a bit of fabulousness to my life.  

Lots of thoughts run through your head when you’re using Rent The Runway Unlimited which color your perception of the service. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster ride that stirs up a bunch of emotions, so you want to be prepared in advance.

Here are 43 thoughts you may have when trying Rent The Runway Unlimited:


Do I really want to spend $139 a month to rent clothes? I mean that’s like $1,700 a year.

The thought you have as you enter your credit card number into Rent The Runway’s website to start your Unlimited membership.

Everyone looks so stylish. I hope I look as good wearing this.

The thought you have as you scan through photos customers have uploaded of themselves wearing the clothes to the RTR website.

These sizing recommendations are helpful. I hope they’re accurate.

The thought you have as you’re trying to guess if your online selections will fit.  

 This heart feature is the bomb. I have like a hundred dresses in my queue. I’m going to slay for months.

The thought you have as you “favorite” dresses to save for future ordering.

Will these really arrive in 3 days?

The thought you have after you hit order.  

Wow, my items actually arrived on time.

The thought you have the moment you realize that two-day Prime isn’t the only way to guarantee items arrive on time.

Damn, I must look good. I’ve gotten so many compliments.

The thought you have the moment a third stranger says, “love your look.”

Do people hate what I normally wear?

Also, the thought you have the moment after a third stranger says, “love your look.”

Rent The Runway Unlimited Dress
Wow, I wore all three dresses already? That was fast.

The thought you have the moment you realize you’re out of Rent The Runway Unlimited clothes to wear.

Rent The Runway Unlimited Dress
It takes three days for my order to arrive, three days for me to wear them and three days for them to be returned. That means I can borrow around 9-12 new items each month.

The thought you have after you realize the quicker you return items the faster you can borrow new ones.

If I return my items to a Rent The Runway store instead of shipping them back I can double the number of outfits I borrow each month. Why doesn’t everyone do this?

The thought you have the moment you realize it might be worth it to take a subway, two buses, and rickshaw to get to the nearest RTR store to return your items.

There is a blinding amount of marble in this store.

The thought you have the moment you walk into a Rent The Runway store.

There sure are a lot of lines in here.

The next thought you have after the moment you walk into a Rent The Runway store.

 This self-return line isn’t that long, I guess.

The next thought you have after you compare the length of the checkout and pickup lines to the self-return line.  

Why are these barcodes printed so small on this label?

The thought you have as you try to find the hidden barcodes to scan on the clothes you’re returning that is printed in like 1-point font.  

 So, I have to sign in for a fitting room? Ok, that feels odd?

The thought you have the moment the front desk associate tells you must enter your information to use a fitting room.

Rent The Runway Unlimited | Not Just A Girl In A Dress
Why are these iPads so hard to operate? I mean, I’ve used iPads before. It shouldn’t be this hard to check in.

The thought you have as you tap the iPad at the check-in desk 35 times so you can enter your name and number.

I wonder how long the wait is?

The scary thought you have the moment you realize the iPad said it would text you when your fitting room was ready but didn’t give you an estimated wait time.

Rent The Runway Unlimited | Not Just A Girl In A Dress
Rent The Runway Unlimited | Not Just A Girl In A Dress
OMG, this store is now my personal closet. I just infinitely quadrupled my wardrobe.

The thought you have the moment you get past the store check-in area and make it to the actual showroom.

Rent The Runway Unlimited | Not Just A Girl In A Dress
I can’t believe I can borrow anything I want in here. This is insane.

The thought you have the moment you realize you might love pretty clothes more than you would admit aloud.

Everyone working here is really tall and skinny.

The odd thought you have the moment you realize that everyone who works in the store is taller and skinnier than you.

Um, there doesn’t seem to be much in my size.

The frustrating thought you have as you scan the clothing racks for items to try on.

I’ll ask that associate to see if they have this in my size.

The thought you have the moment as you scan the floor for one of the 10 sales associates you swear you saw moments ago.

Did she just ignore me? I bet she didn’t hear me.

The thought you have the moment you ask a sales associate a question and they blow right by you and disappear into an office.

I have to wait for a fitting room to find out if you have my size in a dress? Why?

The thought you have the moment you ask after the sales associate you flagged down and nearly tackled tells you can only find out if a dress is available in your size during your time in the fitting room.

Ok, I guess I’ll pull everything I like and see if they have my size once I get a fitting room.

The thought you have as you resign yourself to the fact that the associates are really going to make you wait to find out if an item is available in your size.  

Um, my arms are tired from holding all these clothes.

The thought you have as you debate whether you really want to try all these clothes on.  

All the seats are taken and everyone looks pissed off.

The thought you have the moment you look around the store and realize that every customer in here is feeling some kinda way about the service they’re receiving.

 It’s been 35 minutes. I’m tired of waiting for a fitting room.

The thought you have the moment you realize you have no idea how long you may have to wait to try on your selections.

My feet hurt.

The thought you have the moment you realize you really can stand in one spot any longer.

Rent The Runway Unlimited | Not Just A Girl In A Dress
Did I just spend $139 to try on clothes in a bathroom?

The thought you have the moment you walk out of the Rent The Runway bathroom after giving up on waiting for a fitting room.

I really want to know if they have this in my size?

The thought you have as you visualize how this one gorgeous dress would look you on if it came in your size.

Rent The Runway Unlimited | Not Just A Girl In A Dress
Did the fitting room associate just snap at me??? OMG. She did.

The thought you have after the fitting room associate snaps at you for asking if she could check a size for you when you haven’t received a text message to enter the fitting room.

I guess they don’t need to be nice to customers since they already have our money.

The thought you have when you realize you just spent $139 to be berated.

Wait, I have to wait in line to check out too?

The thought you have when you realize your shopping adventure has turned into a herculean trial.

OMG, why is this line so long?

The thought you have when you realize that three checkout associates are not enough for this store.

Did I really just get a text message saying my fitting room is ready.  

The thought you have when you realize you have been in the store more than an hour and “waiting” most of that time.

Dear god, please make this checkout line go faster.

The thought you have right before you scold yourself for making a first world problem prayer.

Did the checkout associate really give me attitude because I asked for a garment bag and shopping bag?

The thought you have when realize you’ve really got to stop asking the sales associates for things.

Wait, did she just give me more attitude because I asked for a return shipping label too.

The thought you have when you realize this is now kind of your fault and you should have just emailed customer service for a return shipping label.

I really can’t wait to get out of this store.

The thought you have as you wait for the sales associate to hand you your items.

I’m not sure if this is worth it.

The thought you have has you depart the RTR store and make your way back home.

Well, maybe I’ll just ship items back instead of returning them to the store.

The thought after you receive your third compliment of the day while wearing your latest RTR outfit.

*** I visited the Rent The Runway Manhattan location. 

-XOXO Charell Star | Not Just A Girl In A Dress

Fashion Week 2018 Spring Colors Feature
Fashion Week 2018 Spring Colors Feature

The biggest takeaway from New York Fashion Week spring-summer 2018 is vibrant colors are in. It’s not really surprising considering the drab state of world affairs right now that bold shades that make you want to smile, stand up & be seen were everywhere.

The best part of it all is that you don’t have to wait six months to pull off this happy hues trend.  You can make a sunny statement in these shades all winter long. 

Here are four spring colors to snag right now. 

Powerful Pinks

Be it millennial, dusty or hot – pink was one of the spring colors that showed up in a big way on the runways. The latest shades are a far cry from the princess powered pinks of your teen years. Slay these stunning shades when you want to own the room.  

Spring Colors NYFW 2018 - Leanne Marshall , Nancy Tran and Vanessa Gounden
Spring Colors NYFW 2018 – Leanne Marshall, Nancy Tran and Vanessa Gounden
Watch Me Whites

Is there any other color with as many do’s and don’ts associated with it as white? The renegade shade was a prominent feature on the catwalks and for good reason.  Fashion en blanc has always been a daring choice and one that hints at organization and control. Rock this spring color from head to toe to own this look.      

Spring Colors NYFW 2018 - Galtiscopio, Vaishali, and Vanessa Gounden
Spring Colors NYFW 2018 – Galtiscopio, Vaishali S, and Vanessa Gounden
Sunburst Yellows

Lemon-y looks stole the week but the Nancy Tran collection of the shade was my favorite. Delicate floral patterns complimented the bright hues making this one of the most fun spring colors to wear. Add a crop cardigan and tights and you’ll be bringing the cheer from now till spring.   

Spring Colors - NYFW SS 2018 Nancy Tran Bright Yellow SS 2018
Spring Colors – NYFW SS 2018 Nancy Tran Bright Yellow SS 2018
Memorable Metallics 

Although, technically not a single color – gold, silver, and bronze – metallics showed strong during NYFW. The metal hues touch made every dress, belt, and romper feel fresh and new. Take your nights out to new heights with these shiny shades. 

 NYFW SS 2018 Catherine Njoo, Galtiscopio, Vaishali S, Torannce, Bronx and Banco, and Flare Street
NYFW SS 2018 Catherine Njoo, Galtiscopio, Vaishali S, Torannce, Bronx and Banco, and Flare Street

-XOXO Charell Star | Not Just A Girl In A Dress  

6 Tips To Drink Your Way To Better Skin

The days may be getting shorter but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your favorite outdoor drinking spot just yet. Just remember that it’s just as important to protect your skin in the fall as it is in the summer. Of course, nothing beats slathering on sunscreen for better skin, but making conscious choices about what you drink – and when – can have a big impact on your overall skin health.

6 Tips To Drink Your Way To Better Skin

We know – probably from firsthand experience that we’d like to forget – that adult beverages can be rather dehydrating even as the temperature gets cooler. But the damage may go beyond a rough hangover.  Repetitive dehydration cycles can cause wrinkles and collagen loss making us look older faster.

6 Tips To Drink Your Way To Better Skin

Skincare and scent expert Lynette Lovelace is not about that life.  She is consistently advising -not ready to let go of the sun – sippers to “pour the Pinot Noir, and of course, grab a bottle of water!” As the founder of  Lifetherapy, a company built of scent therapy, Lovelace knows the importance of striking the right balance between indulgence and self-care — whether you’re selecting a mood boosting body scrub or spirit.  She recommends “staying away from the caffeinated drinks, sugary mixers and anything with salt” which can cause skin to produce excess oil, under-eye bags and bloating.

6 Tips To Drink Your Way To Better Skin

It is also wise to alternate between drinking an eight-ounce glass of water for every wine, beer or cocktail consumed to make sure you’re not stripping too much water from your body. Basically, you should order – and finish – a round of waters with every round of drinks to keep everything soft and supple. 

Don’t forget that even fully hydrated, some of the best-spiked drinks are still strong enough to make you lose track of how long you’ve been in the sun. A tried and true lounging tip to protect your skin in these moments is to set your phone timer for two-hour intervals and reapply sunscreen each time it goes off. It’s a simple way to avoid a sunburn and long-term damage to your skin.

Dr. Rosemary Ingleton, a board-certified NYC dermatologist and sought-after skincare expert also advises ditching that Margarita if you’re going to lay out in the sun. “Lime juice can sensitize the skin to the sun and cause skin discoloration.” She suggests you bask with her seasonal drink of choice, a glass of rosé instead.

However, the good doctor cautions people with rosacea to “avoid red wine, rosé or any other hard liquors.” The redness causing and acne-like skin disorder affects more than 16 million Americans and can be exacerbated by these alcohols. White wine is a safer fun in the sun drink choice if you are affected.

Regardless of your skin condition, reducing the frequency of your drinks will have a positive impact on your skin and overall body health. When it comes drinking and protecting your skin, it goes without saying that smarter choices overtime will lead to you looking and feeling good, a heck of a lot longer.    

That’s not to say that you should swear off your favorite spirit – the sun filled days will be gone before we know it, after all. Just know a great drink once in a while is always better than a few OK ones every night. Be choosy. Your skin will thank you in the long run.      

-XOXO Charell Star | Not Just A Girl In A Dress 

Kiss Proof Lipstick

I’m a sucker for a great stay put lipstick, especially ones that don’t break the bank. I’ve tried a few dozen high end, drugstore and independent brands over the years and I can tell you that price doesn’t always equal performance.

The trick with finding a good kiss proof lipstick is to search for ones that don’t dry out your lips, aren’t had to remove at night but don’t rub off during the day and aren’t too expensive.

Once you have found a brand or brands you love, remember to stay away from oily foods while wearing – or be ready to reapply. Even the best kiss proof lipstick formulas will slide right off when they come in contact with oil.    

And, avoid sleeping in your lipstick – no matter how tempting it might be. You want to give your lips time to breathe between applications.

With that in mind, here are three of my favorite affordable kiss proof lipstick brands that actually stay put.

GRLPWR – The Beauty Crop – $14.95
The Beauty Crop 

I’ve been a fan of The Beauty Crop GRLPWR lipstick line for a while now. Available in 10 shades of reds, pinks and peaches, the vegan and cruelty-free brand is a highly pigmented kiss proof lipstick brand that lasts for hours.  

My favorite shade – Imma Bawse

Rimmel London – Stay Matte Liquid Lips – $5.49


Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid 

Available in 14 shades the Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lips packs a lot of kiss proof lipstick power in a .21 oz tube. The formula feels light and doesn’t leave your lips feeling like sandpaper at the end of the day.

My favorite shade – Plum This Show  

Nicka K – 24 Hour Lip Color – $3.99
Nicka K Affordable Kiss Proof Lipstick That Actually Stays Put

Nicka K lip color and primer may be the most affordable kiss proof lipstick on the market. I discovered this on in a beauty supply store in mid-town Manhattan and have tried – and loved – nearly all 14 shades. The color lasts as well as more expensive brands and

My favorite shade – ND12 (Wine)

-XOXO Charell Star | Not Just A Girl In A Dress

Monokini Swimsuits Feature

Monokini swimsuits are all the rage this summer season and it’s no wonder why. The new beach must-have looks amazing on body-types of all shapes and sizes. Plus, with tons of strategic design options, you don’t have to settle for one that reveals too much or one that prevents you from getting sun in all the right spots.

There is some confusion about what constitutes a modern monokini, so let me clear the air. Modern Monokini swimsuits are one-piece bathing suits designed to mimic the look of a bikini or two-piece. They usually feature cutouts at the side of the suit exposing some or all of the stomach area and an exposed back.

The word “monokini” can also be used to describe a bikini bottom worn without a top – which is why it can be a little confusing.

If you’re looking for a style that flatters all over then check out these five modern monokini swimsuits that you can snag before summer ends.

Sugar Coast by Lolli
Monokini Swimsuit Target
Monokini Swimsuits Target

This Target find has the words, “unicorn dream” written all over it. It features adjustable straps, removable cups, and a fun rainbow color – $27.98. 

Monokini Swimsuit Asos Lipsy Cut Out Swimsuit With Ruffles
Monokini Swimsuits Asos Lipsy Cut Out Swimsuit With Ruffles

Look as great poolside as when you’re taking a swim with this ruffle monokini swimsuit from Lipsy – Asos $60.00

Make Me Chic
Monokoini Swimsuit Make Me Chic Halterneck Crochet Trim Monokini
Monokini Swimsuits Make Me Chic Halterneck Crochet Trim Monokini

Who says you can’t wear crochet in the water? This colorful crochet trim monokini swimsuit halter-neck looks great wet and dry. Snag it at MakeMeChic – $31.00

Monokini Swimsuit E BESI Women's Fashion One Piece Elegant Inspired
Monokini Swimsuits E BESI Women’s Fashion One Piece Elegant Inspired

Make black and white the “it” colors of swim season in this stylish monokini swimsuit from E Besi. It’s also available in blue and pink variation. Amazon – $27.99.  

AMI Clubwear
Monokini Swimsuit AMI Clubwear Orange Colorblock
Monokini Swimsuits AMI Clubwear Orange Colorblock

You’ll turn heads all summer long in this bright and bold color block monokini from AMI Clubwear – $20.25. 

-XOXO Charell Star |  Not Just A Girl In A Dress

Nissan Rogue Review - The New 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport Feature
I went on a road trip last weekend. Well actually, it was a #RogueTrip to Woodbury Connecticut to test drive the all new 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport.  After three days of hitting the road, exploring the sights and chatting with Robin Moreo, the brand’s senior manager of product planning, I’ve gotten a good feel for the ins and outs of this CUV. So, here are 5 cool things to know about the new 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport.
Nissan Rogue Review - The New 2017 Nissan Sport
Nissan Rogue Review – The New 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport
It Takes Being Sporty Seriously
Nissan Rogue Review - The New 2017 Nissan Sport
Nissan Rogue Review – The New 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport

This car is fun to drive, seriously. You may feel a smile creep across your face as you zip from zero to 60 (in about 9.4 seconds) and glide over bumpy roads with ease. It’s got a roomy interior despite being 12-inches shorter than the standard Nissan Rogue. Plus, the exterior is anything but boring. Chiseled with sharp lines, its outside is designed with an upscale and smart appearance. The car is available in many standard colors like Magnetic Black and palatial Ruby. However, statement makers may prefer its bolder color options like Nitro Lime and Monarch Orange.  

Parking Is A Cinch
Nissan Rogue Review – The New 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport

If you’re worried about parking in the city – like I always am – the Rogue Sport can probably help ease your worries. It has a rear camera to assist with pulling into a spot from behind. Plus, it has side cameras so you can monitor the parallel lines on the ground as you pull into spots at the supermarket or mall. Not to mention, it also has a front camera so you can make sure you don’t tap anything as you inch forward. At the press of a dashboard button, the camera stitches all the footage together giving you a real-time 360-degree view. So you can evaluate your parking job without stepping foot outside of the car. Not that you’d ever need to do that, right?    

Safety Isn’t An Afterthought
Nissan Rogue Review – The New 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport Safety

The Rogue Sport comes with all the standard safety features you’d expect – dual airbags, anti-lock brakes, and brake assist. It also has a couple of newer safety features that might make you wonder how you ever lived without them. One is the high-tech, blind-spot monitoring. I’ve written about the brand’s version of blind-spot monitoring as a “well-designed” system before and that statement holds true in the  Rogue Sport as well. It keeps you aware of actual hazards around you without being set off by every car that passes you.

The other safety feature I really dug was the Latch system for kids. The system lets you secure LATCH-compatible child restraints in the second row without having to use seat belts or a locking clip. I’m not a mom yet, so this wouldn’t have been a safety feature that was top of mind. But I’m a god-mom and auntie to some of my friend’s kids, so it’s a feature that I’d be happy to have when I scooped up the little ones.  

It’s Pretty…and Smart 

The 2017 Rogue Sport is filled with many more high-tech features. In addition to the blind spot and rear view monitoring previously mentioned,  the car also comes standard with a Bluetooth phone and audio system inside. I had my cellphone synced and playing music in under a minute, so it is very easy to set up. It also has high-intensity daytime lights on the exterior and an Advanced Drive-Assist Display. The 5-inch colored monitor located in the gauge cluster shows the external temperature, upcoming turns, and tire pressure. It also displays song titles and other key information you may want to access to as you drive. 

It’s Designed For Real, Real Life
Nissan Rogue Review - 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport
Nissan Rogue Review – 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport

The 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport makes it hard to pigeonhole it as the ideal car for one consumer market. And, that’s an impressive feat. Urbanites, suburbanites, parents, and singles will be impressed with its compact size, smart design, and smooth handling. They’ll all be equally impressed with its safety features, roomy interior, and built-in technology.

If I had to pick the “perfect” driver market for the car then I would say, the outgoing and social yet responsible crowd would probably fall hardest for it. Those who don’t want to have to trade up cars if they have kids would also really appreciate this ride.
The 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport seats five and gets 32 miles to the gallon on the highway and 25 miles to the gallon in the city. It comes in three models, the S, SV and SL and starts at $21,420. I test drove the SL model which starts at $26,070. 
 -XOXO Charell Star | Not Just A Girl In A Dress 

Best Workout Apps for Women
Best Workout Apps for Women

Hiring a personal trainer is a great way to take your fitness routine to the next level but with prices ranging from $40 to $100 per hour, it can get pricey quickly.

Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to get an enhanced workout these days. Thanks to some pretty amazing smartphone apps, you can have access to a personalized exercise plan that’s affordable (or even free) and optimized to help you meet your goals.  

Whether you’re aiming to run a race or simply looking to get in better shape, there’s a fitness app that can help you do it.  We put together a list of our favorite ones to get you started.

Here are five of the best workout apps for women to help you get in shape without shelling out tons of cash.



Best Workout Apps for Women Sworkit
Best Workout Apps for Women Sworkit

Sworkit is one of the most popular workout apps on the market and for good reason. The free app – which stands for “simply work it” offers users the ability to sort exercises by impact level, difficulty, category or focus area, making it simple to select the right workout routine for their needs. They can also share their workouts with others through the app and get your friends active too. Sworkit is available on iOS and Android.


30 Day Pushup Challenge

Sometimes starting small can lead to big results. That’s the theory behind the 30 Day Pushup Challenge which is helping people get excited about exercising the right way. This best workout app for women pick encourages users to do a few pushups each day, gradually helping you master a standard pushup over the course of a month. From there it offers pushup variations to make the workout more challenging.  The app is free and available on iOS.


7 Minute Workout
Best Workout Apps for Women 7 Minute Workout
Best Workout Apps for Women 7 Minute Workout

The excuse of not having enough time is a non-starter with this app from Wahoo fitness. Available on iOS and Android the free 7 Minute Workout app focuses on providing an effective personal training regimen in a condensed time. The daily workouts track your progress and mix cardio with strength training to keep you challenged.


Workout Trainer 

Variation is the spice of life

. The same is true for a great workout routine. The Workout Trainer app from Skimble provides tons of exercises with step by step instructions. The free app can help with everything from conditioning exercises to get you ready for an upcoming race to strengthening and toning workouts. Users can also build their own customized routines using the app’s workout library and share them online. Workout Trainer is available on iOS and Android.

Pilates Anytime

Pilates can be an addicting workout but it can be hard to learn the moves correctly even in the most intimate boutique gym group settings. The Pilates Anytime app helps makes it easy to master the workouts at your own speed by providing videos that clearly breaks down every move. The iOS app has more than 2,500 Pilates classes to choose from and offers a premium subscription for $18 per month – which is a drop in a bucket compared to an upscale Pilates studio.   

Let me know if there are any best workout apps for women that I missed. I plan to update this list regularly. 

-XOXO Charell Star | Not Just A Girl In A Dress

Best Summer Wines Feature

Summer’s officially here. So it’s time to gather the wine, friends, and, of course, sunscreen – and head outside. But, before you grab a bottle of everyone’s seasonal favorite – rosé – you should know that there are some tasty new wines on the market that are perfect to pair with your upcoming adventures. Here are four of the new best summer wines that you should totally try.

Best New Summer Wines:

Lubanzi Wines
Best Summer Wines Lubanzi Wines

Staycations can be just as much fun as traveling abroad, especially when you get to enjoy some international flavor right at home. Produced in South Africa, Lubanzi Wines has two toast-worthy wines to explore, a red blend, composed of Cinsault, Shiraz, Grenache & Mourvedre and a white, a Chenin Blanc. The responsibly sourced wines retail for $18. You can find them here.

Skinny Prosecco
Best Summer Wines Skinny Prosecco


You can have fun popping bottles and still watch your waistline. Skinny Prosecco from Thomson & Scott Wines recently launched nationwide and is the low-sugar, 67-calories per glass elixir you’ve been waiting on. It’s also the first 100% vegan and organic sparkling wine in the US.  It’s not available for US order online yet, but you can (and should) check with your local wine/liquor distributor to find the best location to purchase T&S’s Skinny Prosecco near you.

Snowbirds Rosé


Best Summer Wines Lubanzi Wines

There’s nothing wrong with a summer classic, especially when it’s good. Produced in Orlando, FL the new rosé from Snowbirds Vintners includes hints of strawberry and peach and pairs well with barbecue (whoo hoo). The whimsical wine – named after the folks who move to warmer climates –  is sustainably sourced and sells for $18. It is available here.    

Suite Four


Best Summer Wines Suite Four

If lounging by the pool with a drink is your thing, why not sip in style? Suite Four, the new California Champagne that launched last year, is the refreshing upgrade you need this summer. The sparkling wine is light with aromas of green apple and nectarine and pairs perfectly with all the best parts of summer – beach days, barbecues and soirées. It retails for $30 and you can get it here.   

XOXO Charell Star | Not Just A Girl In A Dress 

Peek-A-Boo Shoulder Dresses Feature

The peek-A-Boo shoulder dress trend is in full swing this season – be it off-the-shoulder, cold shoulder, or one-shoulder styles. The question for the summer isn’t if you should wear an arm-candy displaying frock, the question is which one should you rock? To help you choose the right style, we’ver picked out our fav 7 Peek-A-Boo shoulder dresses to help you own this look wherever your adventures take you. 

Free People
Free People Peek-A-Boo Shoulder Dress

Channel your inner bohemian goddess with this gorgeous one-shoulder sheer minidress. This stunning sheer peek-a-boo number is just what you need to flaunt your curves at a summer wedding, a party of a fancy dinner perhaps. Its delicate embroidery gives the minimalist design a dramatic yet graceful finish.  Snag it at Free People – $250.

Peek-A-Boo Shoulder Dresses -Amazon

Pull off some old-school glamour in this timelessly elegant off-the-shoulder dress. The body-con design will give your curves a sharply structured finish that will flatter your body type, support your bust, and give you a polished finish. The best part is this peek-a-boo number is only $10.44 on Amazon

Milly Peek-A-Boo Shoulder Dresses

We love this modernistic masterpiece by Milly. A delightfully refreshing cobalt blue color, this silk off-the-shoulder dress is dramatically voguish.  The tie sleeves give a contemporary update to a 60’s inspired style, making it peek-a-boo perfect for all formal gatherings –  be it cocktails with friends or a formal dinner with business associates. This beauty is available at Bloomingdale’s – $435.

Free People
Free People Peek-A-Boo Off The Shoulder Dress
Free People Peek-A-Boo Shoulder Dresses

Summer is all about flaunting your colorful florals with pride. And this gorgeously embroidered floral delight is no exception. A Perfect off-the-shoulder minidress for festivals, cocktails, and beachside bashes, it features a bold peek-a-boo neckline perfect for summer happening. Snag it at Free People – $356. 

Asos Peek-A-Boo Shoulder Dresses

This stunning maxi dress is a fabulous looker from Asos. The artistic exotic pattern is reminiscent of florals and it’s serving a double dose of peek-a-boo action – with a one-shoulder top and sheer bottom. Find it at Asos – $61.  

Diane Von Furstenberg
DVF Peek-A-Boo One Shoulder Dress
DVF Peek-A-Boo Shoulder Dresses

Rock your romantic femininity without compromising your bold lady boss vibes at work in this sleekly structured Diane Von Furstenberg dress. The uber-sophisticated peek-a-boo shoulder dress pick is picture perfect and offers a dramatic one-shoulder design and flirty hemline. Available at DVF – $328

Target Peek-A-Boo Shoulder Dress

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-XOXO Not Just A Girl In A Dress Staff 

Your goal during the interview is to stand out from the competition – in a good way – so why follow outdated fashion tips designed to make you blend in with the crowd?

Landing that coveted in-person meeting is already pretty difficult. So, when you do, you’ll totally want to dress to impress.  And, it might help – at least, visually speaking – if you interview outfit doesn’t put people to sleep before you even open your mouth.

Of course, there will always be some careers – like law – were playing it safe when it comes to style is probably the right way to go. But consider ignoring these five old-school fashion tips if the company culture of job you’re seeking encourages a touch of fashion flair.   

5 Fashion Tips Jobs Seekers Should Ignore:

Wear A Suit

You should always up the style ante when you’re interviewing, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear a boring basic solid suit. You want to look polished and professionally and also comfortable and confident. If wearing a suit makes you feel uneasy or the company has more of business casual vibe (which you can find out by checking out its website and social media profiles) then opt for coordinated separates with a bit of personality.    Topshop Embellished Midi Pencil Dress – $180 and Zara Double Breasted Blazer – $99

Wear Neutral Colors

Black, navy, brown and gray are fine colors, but you might want to leave an impression that you are more than just a “fine” candidate. A strategic color pop can give off a feeling of friendliness and/or confidence, amplifying the profile of an interviewee who knows their stuff.   

Macy’s Calvin Klein Embellished Sheath Dress – $109 

Wear Pantyhose or Tights

Yes, you should totally wear pantyhose or tights if the company you’re interviewing with is conservative, if you feel more comfortable having your legs covered or if it is just cold outside. However, cramming your legs in nylon casings should be an optional interview outfit addition when you’re already wearing pants, a knee-length – or longer – skirt or dress. Do it if it makes you feel more ready to conquer the day. Skip it if it doesn’t.         

Wear a Black or Brown Handbag

Nothing completes an interview outfit better than a clean-lined, structured handbag, but black and brown shouldn’t be your only color choices. A smartly pattern purse or tote in a complimentary color to your outfit can hint to a personality that knows how to pull things together.

Amazon MMK Collection Fashion Padlock Satchel – $42.99

Wear High Heels

I love a pair of good heels. They literally make me taller and I find I stand up straight more when I wear them. But I also love my ballerina flats and that I can move faster than a New York minute in them. Opt for whichever polished pair of close-toe pumps, ballerina flats, loafers or boots make you feel more confident to complete your interview outfit. There’s no sense in wearing a killer looking pair of heels if you’re going to worry about tripping in the company’s reception area.

Aerosoles Spin Off Flats – $69 and Ann Taylor Skyler Patent Leather Pumps – $128

– XOXO Charell Star | Not Just A Girl In A Dress