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Whether you’re traveling for work, play or both, there’s no reason not to do it in style this summer season. Travel bags have gotten some serious design and tech updates over the last few years, making it easier to stay organized, comfortable and fly – while on the road.  

I compared more than 50 of the newest carry-on friendly, travel bags on the market and narrowed the list down to my top picks for summer based on usability, weight, style, design – and, of course – price.  

So, ditch your bulky luggage and check out the list before you book your next flight, road-trip or must-needed getaway.  After all, the journey is half the fun. Pack accordingly;)!

– Best Travel Bags For Summer – 

Smartie Pants: 

The  Raden A22 Carry is as smart as it is pretty.  The 22-inch bag comes installed with two USB ports that allow you to charge your cell phone or tablet, a built-in scale that can tell you how much your packed bag weighs, and GPS so you never need to worry about the airlines losing your suitcase (if you do decide to check it). There’s also a smartphone app you can sync to your smartphone for monitoring, a TSA approved lock and 360-degree spinning wheels for easy movement –  all in an 8.4 lbs polycarbonate shell.

The Raden A22 is $295 and is available in 12 fun colors. 

Sleek Stunner: 

Coming in at a mere 6.5 lbs with 360-degree spinning wheels, the vintage-looking Rockland Stage Coach 20 Inch Rolling Trunk makes dashing anywhere a breeze. The 20-inch suitcase has a clamshell design, faux leather trim, is made of sturdy abs and comes in four styles and colors. It’s a looker at $200 and half the price of similarly-styled designer carry-ons.  

Spotted Style: 

This Women’s Weekender from Merona is anything but basic. Made out of cotton the bag is soft to the touch. It also measures 14.5 inches x 30 inches x 12.5 inches making it large enough to haul several changes of clothes along with a laptop and multiple pockets to store valuables. The bag zips shut and features double handles to carry it on your shoulder or in your hand. Plus, it’s only $19.98 (so snag it before it’s gone).   

Storage Master: 

There must be sorcery in the FUGU Travel. The suitcase expands to nearly three times its size when its side walls are inflated– taking it from a small carry-on bag to a medium-sized checked bag. You can watch the transformation here. The convenience of not having to tote along a second bag on trips made this a top pick. The fact that it weighs less than 10lbs and you can buy a FUGU USB power bank for charging your devices from the bag on the one, made it one of my favorites. The FUGU Travel is $349 including the USB power bank.       

Snappy Switch: 


What’s cooler than a multitasking bag that can be worn three ways? One that’s around $40, but looks like it cost way more. The Clean Vintage Hybrid bag can go from backpack to messenger bag to briefcase instantly by unzipping built-in, hidden straps.  It includes a padded pocket to stow a laptop and compartments for all your travel essentials. Just add a change of clothes to make this your new favorite overnight bag. The Clean Vintage starts at $41.19.    

-XOXO Charell Star | Not Just A Girl In A Dress 

No one understand the importance of packing efficiently like jet-setting entrepreneurs. Smart professionals know that for short weekend trips, traveling light is the way to go. And, they also know that the luggage you carry says as much about you as the clothing you chose to pack in it. Here are 15 boss-on-the-move approved weekender bags and what they say about your vacation style.

The Classic Traveler – This entrepreneur is no stranger to hitting the road and likes get to where she is going as quickly and easily as possible

The Classic Traveler – This mom no stranger to hitting the road and likes get to where she is going as quickly and easily as possible  The Twill Weekender - $98.00 (traditional retail - $240.00) - Everlane

The Twill Weekender – $98.00 (traditional retail – $240.00) – Everlane

The Sophisticated Styler– This boss likes to travel in style and prefers spa trip weekend to roughing it anywhere.

Image 2

Joshu + Vela Canvas Weekender Duffel Bag – $210.00UrbanOutfitters


The Playful Overnighter – Midnight breakfast anyone? This entrepreneur is ready to enjoy her few hours of freedom and get in touch with her youthful side.

Image 3

LeSportsac Luggage Large Weekender – $142.00 – Zappos


The Hamptons Huntress – This pro is ready to take in the four-star restaurants, cocktail and wine bars and sip some Rosé while reading a book near the water.

Image 4

Large Weekender Bag – $195.00Barneys New York


The Practical Pro – I got this covered. This mom-preneur  is ready to enjoy her trip and prepared to bring backs as many mementos as she can carry for the family.

Image 5

Longchamp – ‘Le Pliage’ Expandable Travel Bag (21 Inch) – $255.00Nordstrom


The Preppy Princess – This boss is accustom to a high standard of excellence when she travels and that is not a bad thing.

Image 6

MEDIUM SAILCLOTH DUFFLE – $245.00jmclaughlin


The Carefree Caravaner – This entrepreneur enjoys the journey as much as the destination. Not much will get in the way of her having a good time.

Image 7

FIERY WEEKENDER BAG – $54.00Francescas

The Road Warrior – I don’t do layovers. This boss is no stranger to traveling and has a no nonsense approach to getting to her destination.

Image 8

Duffle Bag – Small – $285.00Filson


The First Class Adventurer – Upgrade please. This entrepreneur believes in traveling in style and has no desire to watch the budget when she is having vacation fun.

Image 10

EDDIE HARROP – The Voyager studded leather weekend bag – $1,371.28Net-a-Porter


The Navigator – Always prepared for anything, this lady can get even the rowdiest group of girlfriends to every locale on their vacation checklist.

Image 11

The Idea Bag, Large — Safety Orange – $185.00MarieTurnor

The Party-er – This pro isn’t just bringing sexy back, she redefining the word. She is ready to hit the dance floor as soon as soon as the plane is done taxiing.

Image 12



The Beach Bunny – Have sunscreen, will travel. This boss is all about fun in the sun and soaking in the fresh ocean air.

Image 13

TAMIA WEEKEND TOTE – $39.98francescas


The Risk Taker – This entrepreneur is as comfortable sitting on the beach as she is raising the stakes at a Las Vegas blackjack table.

Image 14

FLAMINGO WEEKEND TOTE – $39.98francescas


The Multitasker – Wifi please. This busy lady loves a good break, but prefers to work and play at the same time.     Image 15

SPENCER WEEKENDER TOTE – $54.00francescas

The Lounger – Relaxation is high priority on this boss’ list and the pool will be her first stop when she reaches her destination.


PAISLEY WEEKENDER – $34.00francescas

– à bientôt

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