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We all want to be happier, yet it can be a struggle from time to time. Whether it’s stress from your job, family life, relationships, many factors play a role in our happiness and we all experience not so joyful times. Here are a few ways to improve your mood if you find yourself feeling a little down:

  1. Focus on hope – Being hopeful about something in your life can really change your emotional outlook. Having hope means that you know that the future will be better than today and you know that you have the power to take the necessary steps to get there. If you are having a less than stellar moment, choose a goal that you have been putting off for a while, and think of what you need to in order to reach it. It could be something small or big, but visualizing how you can make it real will give you something to positive to focus on.
  2. Get some air: Go outside and get some great exercise. Exercising is a sure fire way to make yourself feel better emotionally and physically. Your brain will thank you and your body will benefit from it too. Staying cooped up indoors is enough to make anyone start thinking negatively. So get outside and move!
  3. Pick better companions: Being around people that are constantly talking negatively or complaining all the time, can really take a toll on your happiness level. Limit contact with people who are like this and if you can, eliminate them from your life altogether. You get to choose the energy that surround you. Instead of partaking in negative gossip tune it out and click on a happy video instead.
  4. Grab a healthy treat: Eating certain foods can actually make you feel happier and we all know eating unhealthy can make us feel drained and sluggish. Foods like seafood, eggs, nuts, and leafy greens are wonderful alternatives to boost your mood and actually contain ingredients that help you brain feel healthier and happier.
  5. Do one thing you love: Everyone has a hobby or something they enjoy doing. Make time for these personal pleasures each day instead of putting them on the back burner. If you allow yourself at least thirty minutes a day to do something you love, you will ultimately feel happier throughout the day.

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There’s a saying, “it’s not happy people who are thankful, it’s thankful people who are happy.” Research has shown that showing gratitude for what you have automatically makes you feel more joy, ” relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.” Entrepreneurs, like most people, need ways to replenish their happiness high throughout the day and actively showcasing thankfulness is a great way to manifest a positive day. Here are 5 ways to be practice gratitude in your life everyday:

Say Thank YouSay ‘Thank You’ More Often

Saying ‘thank you’ is something most people don’t do enough of on a daily basis. Often, we are too busy and focused with our own problems that we forget about being grateful for the many positive things that happen to us. If someone holds the door or elevator for you, say “thank you.” If someone pays you a compliment, say “thank you.” It’s not only good manners, but will make you feel positively fuller.

listMake a List

Oprah starts her day everyday by reading her gratitude journal. Everyday she adds to the things that she is thankful for having in her life. Yes. the “Queen of Media” may have some pretty big items to make her smile, but it is the small things that bring her the most joy. She includes items like, “good water pressure,” “clean sheets,” and “fresh flowers” on her list. Create your own gratitude journal, include all the things big and small that make you smile and read it to yourself before you get out of bed each day.

happy black girlBe Genuine

A grumpy ‘thank you’ will not help you in any way. It is important be and sound genuinely grateful when you say ‘thank you’  especially when speaking to others. This makes those around you feel appreciated and your sincerity, so they will treat you in the same happy and gracious way.


Positive thinkingReplace Negative Thoughts With A Positive Ones

Actively shifting negative thoughts is a big step in creating a more thankful space for yourself.  We all have negative thoughts during the day and the act of reflecting and altering them will change your entire spirit. After you catch yourself thinking, “My client is crazy” take a moment to stop and focus on something in the situation that makes you feel grateful. For example, “she really does trust me with her project and I know in the end she just wants to see my great work.” Being able to alter your thoughts and create thankful moments out of trying ones is amazing way to stay on your happiness high.

You RockGive a Compliment Daily

Giving out compliments can help you increase your gratitude, especially when done on a daily basis. It does not necessarily have to be about the person you are speaking with, but saying something nice and sharing that appreciation is a wonderful way to practice gratitude. Don’t forget to give yourself little compliments as well. The more gracious moments you surround yourself with the more you will have to be thankful.

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