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“In entrepreneurship, you decide to give up your day job at a point where either (A) the hobby/new business is at least making some form of ends meet, or (B) you feel that you need to dedicate yourself for a certain amount of time to it and give yourself the last hoorah.”

Daymond John 1To say, Daymond John knows a lot about entrepreneurship, would be an understatement. Not only is the man an icon in the fashion world with a multi-billion dollar empire, he’s an investor, television personality, author, and motivational speaker who quite literally has the world at his fingertips.

The 47-year-old founder, president, and CEO of FUBU has successfully transitioned from being a business man to being a business and has legions of fans and aspiring entrepreneurs who attend his talks, tune into his show and read his books with the goal of duplicating his success.

Daymond John 4But how exactly did John manage to evolve from sewing product in his kitchen to becoming one of the most influential men in the country?

It all started with passion.

For John, his “this is it” moment came while he was working full time as a waiter at Red Lobster despite having his fashion designs featured in some of the hottest music videos of the day.

FUBU was more of a hobby at the time, but he decided to get serious and create a schedule that would allow him to put real effort into his brand.

For two years he would wake up at 7am, answer orders that would come in overnight, sew hats by himself, tag, package, and ship them until noon. After that he’d head to a shift at Red Lobster, work until around midnight, come home and make more hats only to repeat the process the next day.

Daymond John 2Once Daymond was able to hire on three of his friends, the business truly started to take shape and with the extra help and a $100,000 dollar loan, and investments from Samsung, he was able to quit Red Lobster in 1995 so that he could go full time with FUBU and turn it into the brand we know today.

From Ol’ Dirty Bastard, to Busta Rhymes, the hip hop community was fell hard for FUBU. LL Cool J was so taken with the brand that not only did he wear the line in the “Hey Lover” video with Boyz II Men, but when Gap asked him to do a commercial wearing a pair of their jeans and shirts, he still opted to wear a FUBU hat.

The significance of this move doesn’t simply come from the fact that he was promoting another brands product, but after his 30-second freestyle, he looked directly into the camera and said, “For us, by us, on the low.”

The line was so simple and obscure that no one at Gap (ad executives included) thought anything of it. The $30 million dollar campaign ran and no one on the brand side was aware of the hidden plug until a month later when the ad was pulled and the company fired as many people as they could get away with while still saving face.

At the time, most designers weren’t directly focused on the young African-Americans and Latinos, but FUBU was able to break open that side of fashion paving the way for new designers with a fresh outlook and connection to the urban market.

Daymond John 5Today John is more widely known for his role as an investor on the ABC reality show “Shark Tank” where entrepreneurs seek out his partnership to help grow their own businesses which is a role that he has repeatedly expressed a deep fondness for.

There are tons entrepreneurs out there who just don’t understand how to accurately evaluate their product and make it appealing for investors, which is where Daymond has been able to come in and essentially help small businesses move to the next level.

He has become that business guide and mentor for others that didn’t exist when he decided to step out on his own.

Daymond John 3

It’s clear that wherever this man puts his attention, greatness is sure to follow. And, that’s good for him and the entrepreneurs he invests in and inspires.

-Staff Writer | Not Just A Girl In A Dress

Shower caps may serve a real functional purpose, but they are ugly as the tears you cry after a breakup. I’ve been rocking shower caps to protect my luscious locs for years, but I would never dear to say I looked cute in one…until now.

Louvelle founder Simone Taylor has actually made a shower cap chic enough for women to rock outside of the bathroom.  2016-03-03_12-48-42

The multi-tasking mama designed a series of turban-styled shower caps versatile enough to protect your hair as you shower or take a stroll through rain showers.


The Louvelle shower turban come in an array of cool colors and are made from silky quick dry stretch fabric with a water resistant lining. The stretch-fabric was forgiving enough to keep my hair fully covered and dry during the last few months I was sporting hair extensions/weave.

2016-03-03_12-49-11I’ve had my mine since October (I got it free at an event) and loved it so much I threw away my old shower cap.


Taylor has designed the turbans in two different styles, Amelie and Dahlia and also offers the Seraphine headbands. Louvelle turbans are $40 each and her headbands run $15.

-Charell Star XOXO

Danny MeyerDanny Meyer, CEO of the Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG) just announced that he is eliminating the practice of tipping at his 13 popular restaurants starting next year. The move would affect more than 1800 workers by raising their wages for both front of house staff like servers as well as for kitchen staff like cooks. To accomplish this Meyer will increase the prices of his menu offerings in all his restaurants leaving diners to pay one inclusive price when they eat Grammercy Tavern, Union Square Café and his other 11 popular spots.

Risky? Perhaps, but Meyer is working to stay competitive in a marketplace that will see minimum wages rise to $15 per hour for fast food workers over the next three years. He can’t afford to lose quality kitchen and wait staff to fast food chains. Meyer has also been a living wage advocate for years, calling for the end of tipping in a company newsletter back in 1994.

Time will tell if fine diners accept this more European style of paying for their dining out experience, but bravo to Meyer for stepping up and trying something new rather than waiting until change was upon him. Going against the tide of tradition can be a scary act, but you can’t let yourself be paralyzed by fear when your livelihood is on the line.

Here are 3 reasons why entrepreneurs should never fear trying something new when it comes to their business:

Change Leaders Have Power

People who decide early to get ahead of policy changes have the power to help determine how those changes get implemented. You can become an leader for your team, employees and or industry by being willing to step out in front and be an advocate for a new way of doing things.

Being Forced to Change is Awful

No one wants new policies to be forced on their company and upend their mission and values. If you let this happen to you; you will feel awful. Instead of fighting the changes, get in front them and work to determine the best way to implement them in your company and industry. Changes can feel like positive advancements if you are out in front of them.

Failure Can Be an Invaluable Experience

Change rarely happens smoothly. There are stops and blowouts and plenty of lessons to be learned along the way. But with each hiccup or momentary failure you get to refine the steps on the road forward; giving you specialized expertise that those around you will value and seek out. People learn so much from failing and having to quickly adapt and you can use that knowledge to position yourself and company as an industry expert.

– à bientôt

Charell Star | Not Just A Girl In A Dress

18178Michael Strahan, America’s dose of morning happiness, debuted a new men’s wear line with JCPenny this week – Collection by Michael Strahan. The line is an exclusive brand of tailored clothing, including dress shirts, cufflinks, neckwear and belts.

The sharply dressed host of Kelly and Michael said, “I believe every man should be able to afford a well-made suit, one that is comfortable and stylish.”

Collection by Michael Strahan Gray Windowpane Suit Separates - Classic Fit JCPenny $120 - $260Available in over 200 JCPenney stores and at the Collection is made from quality fabrics like bird’s eye, herringbone and windowpane, along with solid prints in a variety of sophisticated colors.


In my humble opinion, looking good has never been a challenge for Strahan, so it’s exciting to see him bring his sharp sense of style to market. JCPenny has been stepping up their fashion game over the years with cool designer. His new line runs $28 – $275 a welcome treat for women who want to see well-dressed men everywhere.

18205Never one to be out done, Rihanna released a new line of kicks with PUMA this week. Her first shoe line release as the brand’s Women’s Creative Director and Brand Ambassador – the PUMA BY RIHANNA Collection falls under Rihanna’s FENTY label. The first collection introduces the PUMA Creeper, remixing the iconic PUMA Suede with a little bit punk and a little bit rebel.


The PUMA Creeper harnesses the music and fashion feel of the revolutionary punk era with PUMA’s deep sporting heritage. Proving that she’ll always ride with her crew, she tapped her friend, musician and record producer Travi$ Scott to help launch the PUMA Creeper. Scott stars in the first-ever PUMA by Rihanna campaign alongside Rihanna, who also creative directed the shoot.

“Partnering with PUMA has given me the opportunity to create pieces that are unique and unexpected,” says Rihanna.  “I really wanted to dig into their archive and give classic silhouettes my own spin. The PUMA Creeper is just that. And equally as cool, the fact that Travi$ Scott is joining me on my first launch is incredible.”

PUMA BY RIHANNA CREEPERThe first style, in a black-white colorway retails for $120 and is available at and select retailers globally.

I love entrepreneurs doing their thing. Hopefully, these two lines are able to stand out in the crowded fashion field and expand the lines.

– à bientôt

Charell Star | A Girl In A Dress

The IFA has to be one of the world’s most premier consumer electronics and home appliances trade shows. The event takes place in Berlin, Germany and attracts top global brands and technology industry leaders. Similar to CES in the US, the event is a adult tech playground where attendees get to test and review new products before they hit the market. Samsung showed up in full force at this year’s show and brought plenty of new gadgets to the field.

Here are 8 new cool entrepreneur inspired tech toys debuted by the South Korean company:

SleepSense – For Keeping You Rested 

This new product really woke up visitors.  SleepSense is a sensor and sleep analysis system that tracks your sleep patterns and suggests changes to improve your sleep. A small, thin pad, SleepSense slips under your mattress, where it can track your breathing, pulse and other traits more accurately than anything else on the market. SleepSense can also work together with consumer electronics in your home to adjust your lights and alarm, to wake you up

up gradually, when your body is at the best point in its sleep cycle.

Gear S2 – For Keeping You Moving

Samsung’s latest wearable device, the Gear S2, has high expectations. The round design was an intuitive innovation and formed to maximize the usefulness of a wearable. Available in two versions—the Gear S2 and Gear S2 classic—the device is incredibly customizable, with various watch faces and a wide range of colorful straps that can be easily swapped. And with the Gear S2 being Android-compatible, its promises to be the most versatile and functional wearable yet.

SmartThings – For Keeping Your Home and Business Buzzing

The SmartThings Hub can turn any home into a smart home, connecting all sorts of devices on an open platform. People can turn on the lights or change the temperature even when away from home, as well as get notifications about movement or potential problems (like smoke or leaks).

But the power of SmartThings goes beyond the home, too. In conjunction with cross-industry collaborators, SmartThings is connecting devices and people across industries, from retail to enterprise, and healthcare to transportation, thus growing an open IoT ecosystem across the world. For instance, BMW cars can now directly integrate you with your home while you are driving, giving you alerts right to your dashboard.

And thanks to the open platform SmartThings was built on, expect plenty more partnerships in the future.


 Connected Car – For Keeping Your Business Mobile

With the Car Mode for Galaxy app, you can use your smartphone or other wearable device to take calls, listen to music, get directions and even have your text messages read to you, all without taking your eyes off the road or your hands from the wheel. It makes the driving experience much safer and more convenient.

Plus with Car-Net e-Remote with Volkswagen, you can use your new Gear S2 wearable to integrate with your car. Using your Gear S2, you can see where your car is parked, turn on the air conditioning on a hot day, even stop and start the battery charger for electric vehicles.

Virtual Reality Experiences – For Keeping You Relaxed

Samsung’s new virtual reality headset, the Gear VR lets people dive into content like never before.

Curved – SUHD, UHD TVs – For Keeping You Entertained

With 28 types of TVs, ranging from 32 inches to 105 inches, Samsung now has the a TV for every home, from the smallest apartment to the biggest home.

UHD and SUHD TVs offer four times the resolution of traditional HD TVs, so people are going to need content at that resolution, too. Samsung is working with the UHD Alliance to create standards for the industry—and they say final certification is nearly ready. In the meantime, Samsung announced Gamefly, a streaming service that offers the latest and hottest games in UHD, as well as agreements with many partners to offer movies, TV shows and other content in the stunning, UHD format.

Customization – For Keeping You Fashionable

This year’s IFA saw many collaborations with the fashion industry to customize people’s phones and wearable devices and Samsung was no exception. In partnership with Montblanc, there was an artist tattooing leather cases by hand for Galaxy S6 edge+ phones. And Swarovski is offering glittering, crystal-covered cases for Samsung smartphones to add a bit of bling to your world.


Smart Suit – For Keeping You James Bond Cool

Samsung brought four wearable outfits to IFA, including a suit that has an NFC tag in the wrist, allowing users to change their phone’s mode easily and discreetly, without ever taking it out of their pocket.


Source: BlogsRelease

– à bientôt

Charell Star | A Girl In A Dress

Some people believe that astrology is a bunch of hogwash, but I am not one of them. I’ve loved learning about astrology since I was a young kid and believe there is at least some connection between when in the year you were born and your sparkling personality. For my fellow astrology lovers, I’ve curated your special September entrepreneur horoscope guide to help you follow your sign to success.



Beyonce Virgo
Beyonce – September 4


You’re known for paying attention to the little details, but your world currently requires big picture focus. Dedicate some of your time to the business strategy and empower those around you to dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s.”


Kim Kardashian Libra
Kim Kardashian – October 21

You’ve invested a lot of energy into your current situation, but are starting to feel the strain. Hold on for a little bit longer. Success is closer than you think.


Ivanka Trump Scorpio
Ivanka Trump – October 30

You are feeling confident and ready to take a big risk right now, but stop and think before you leap ahead. There are risks and rewards tied to every decision. Be sure you have properly weighed the risks before you move forward.


Lori Greinger Sagittarius
Lori Greiner – December 9

Networking and starting new relationships are paramount during this season. Showcasing your creative side will attract new strategic folks to your vision.


Rachel Roy Capricorn
Rachel Roy – January 15

Not everyone around you will be thinking logically this month. You’ll need to be the champion for level heads and strategic actions during this period. There is power in your ability to see through the weeds. Use it.

Aquarius No Background

Michael Jordan Aquarius
Michael Jordan – February 17

Your life and career is fluid right now, but don’t to be too quick to commit to a new path. Weigh all the options before you and be prepared to state your case for a non-traditional way forward.


Sara Blakely Pisces
Sara Blakely – February 27

With the change in season comes new opportunity. Just remember, all that glitters isn’t gold. You have to evaluate what’s right for you at this time.


Bobbi Brown Aries
Bobbi Brown – April 14

Your emotions may be all over the map this month, but don’t be afraid to express them. Sharing your true feeling may lead to deeper connections, especially with those who need to know you will not shirk away from the hard truths.


Mark Zuckerburg Taurus
Mark Zuckerburg – May 14

Ever reliable. It may be time for you to have a talk with the powers that be about your ability to steer a tight ship in good times and in bad. You’ve keep everyone focused on improving the bottom line and it is time that you reap some rewards.


Kanye West Gemini
Kanye West – June 8

Co-workers may think they’ve got you pegged, but they don’t realize you can adapt your personality to the situation. Be prepared to break out your more assertive side this month to make it clear that you are not a pushover.


Arianna Huffington Cancer
Arianna Huffington – July 15

Everyone may have their sights on the long-term strategy, but don’t fight your natural need to protect your team. They may not be vocalizing how much they need a supportive champion right now. You know better than anyone that sometimes listening can the most motivating act a leader can make.


Melinda Gates Leo
Melinda Gates – August 15

This period is no time to lead from behind. Get out and socialize and connect as much as you can this month. Those around you need to see you in action and your optimism on full display for them to focus on winning instead any challenges.

It may be time to say an unofficial goodbye to summer, but don’t get all sullen yet. With the start of fall comes New York Fashion Week (NYFW), where well-established and up and coming designers focus our attention on the looks for spring and summer 2016 giving us something to look forward to as the days get shorter.

Fashion is multi-billion dollar business and great designers tend to also be great entrepreneurs. I caught up with one such designer, Jessica Lynn, as she was busy making the final adjustments for her NYFW debut to get her top tips on style and building a business from the ground up.

Check out the exclusive interview below:

J1 copy 2You have a very unique style. Where are you from?  

I grew up in Redondo Beach CA, which is in Los Angeles. However I recently moved to Dallas 

What has been the most difficult part of creating your fashion line? 

Wearing many hats. The designing process is a small part of what you do. When you are one of one employees; you are the designer, the accountant, the intern and the web designer. The list goes on.

It’s difficult to wear all hats. You have to know what tasks you can take on yourself and which are worth outsourcing. Either way when starting out you will have to learn many roles.

How do you ensure your products stand out in a crowded fashion marketplace? 

I have a different take on how my city inspires my creative direction.  It’s not traditional Los Angeles boho style. CASA de MODA still has a youthful, carefree feel but there is still a polished edge that usually synonymous with LA. I have a different point of view, and that sets the brand apart.

What advice would you give others wanting to start their own fashion business or any business? 

Know that there are going to be moments where you don’t know how you are going to get from point A to point B. In those moments measure success by the small steps you take to find answers.

Commit to doing research, talk to people, make calls, whatever it takes. Every step you take gets you closer to finding your way. Most importantly, I lean a lot on my faith and prayer. When things get hard, I try to remember to thank God for bringing me as far as he has.

What is your favorite style tip to share with women? 

I would say two things: First, try something new, change it up! Who cares if you look at a picture of yourself 10 years from now and say, “what the heck was I thinking”? The worst would be if you looked at a picture of yourself 10 years from now and realized your style has stayed the same. Now that’s boring

And, second, no matter what you wear; make sure it fits.

à bientôt

Charell Star | A Girl In A Dress


Top Model Eva Marcille has been making serious moves over the years. The star of the newly released film,  Sister Code has more than a dozen TV credits to her name and has been busy defining herself as an actress to be contended with in Hollywood. As a full-time working mother, Eva has little time to rest but always finds the time to have fun her daughter Marley Rae. Born in 2014 the toddler takes after her photogenic mother.

Check out some of the cutest pics ever of these two glamour girls…

– à bientôt

Charell Star | A Girl In A Dress

*This post originally appeared on Sister 2 Sister Magazine.

Author Chental-Song Bembry with her mom Holly Glover

Becoming a published author is a difficult feat for anyone, so publishing three popular books by the age of 18 qualifies you to be in a league of your own. After spending some quality time with college sophomore, author and entrepreneur Chental-Song Bembry it became clear quickly that she is more than comfortable doing the unexpected. The soft-spoken 18 year old began publishing her popular children’s series “The Honey Bunch Kids” at age 13 and has generated quite a following for the adventurous stories.

The positive books are centered on a group of African-American 2015-03-28 11.30.22middle-school kids who become friends after they miss the bus on the first day and end up having to walk to school in the rain. Popular with young boys, The Honey Bunch Kids teach readers valuable lessons on friendship, self-esteem and empathy. Although, the books are fiction Bembry used her own time in school as inspiration for her stories.

Michelle Obama
First Lady Michelle Obama and Black Girls Rock MAD Girl celebrants Kaya Thomas (l), Chental-Song Bembry (m) & Gabrielle Jordan (r).

In addition, to creating stories, Bembry works to increase writing and literacy among youth and teens and is a former youth ambassador for LiteracyNation. Recently honored as a Black Girls Rock MAD (Making A Difference) Girl by Olay, My Black is Beautiful and Target, Bembry was celebrated for her work in the community and for being a positive role model for youth across the nation.

As the teenprenuer looks ahead she wants to transform her books into an animated series and inspire others to follow their passions. Her advice to anyone looking to start a business or write a book of their own is start with your story first and don’t let setback stop you. This is wise advice that every entrepreneur should follow.

Check out Bembry’s books here and add them to a reading list for the tweens in your life.

à bientôt

Charell Star | A Girl In A Dress

Daniel Koye Head ShotWorking your way up to become one of the top professionals in a field is no easy task for any business maven. For entrepreneurs like Daniel Koye getting to the top is only part of the climb; being able to Improve the field is the real mark of success.

Known as one of the best celebrity stylists on The Great White Way, Koye has been responsible for styling the locks of Broadway’s biggest stars including Dame Shirley Bassey, Carol Burnett, Cicely Tyson and Carol Channing. Unsatisfied with the efficacy of the products on the market, he set out to create a professional hair care line that could withstand the bright lights of the stage for celebrities and long days & nights for urbanistas.

With the release of his new styling collection, DKOYE; he is ready to transform the hair care industry from the inside out. Ranging from $19-$50 the line includes all the products you need to keep your mane camera ready from shampoo to smoothing cream.

I caught up with Koye on the eve of the launch of his new collection to ask about his best business tips and what’s next for his growing empire:

DKoye CollectionWhat inspired you to get started as a stylist?

My mother was a huge influence on my career. She was a gifted hairstylist and had a salon set up in the basement of our home.  It was there that I first began playing with her wigs and styling them. I never stopped.

What lead you to start DKOYE? 

I started DKOYE because I wanted to create a hair product line that inspired people to look as sexy as they feel. My hope is that the products will support people’s creativity, so they can have fun with their hair. I placed rhinestones on the bottles to give customers something to look forward to when styling their hair whether it’s to head out to work or for a special event. There’s something about sparkles that gets people excited.

What’s the most challenging part of running your own business/being a freelancer?

Keeping focused is a major challenge when you’re juggling so many balls. It’s your responsibility to ensure you have everything in place so that your business operates smoothly. It’s equally important to stay true to your vision and not be led astray from your goals.

Photo source: Twitter
Photo source: Twitter

What is the best thing you love about what you do? 

CREATING!  I love the challenge of transforming an actor or actress into a character with hair and makeup. The entire creative process is thrilling to me. And it varies depending on if I’m working on Broadway, television or film. It’s a privilege to be entrusted with cultivating an entire look for a production. It’s many things but boring is not one of them!


 Source  Twitter
Source Twitter

What three tips would you give someone looking to start their own business? 

  1. Never give up.  Slow and steady wins the race. 
  2. Take risks.  You only live once right?!? 
  3. Love what you do. The passion you have for your work will shine through and touch everything and everyone you encounter. 



With celebrity royalty such as Vanessa Williams, Heidi Klum, Lea Michelle and Susan Lucci already using the new line, we know Koye’s advice should be followed by all those looking to take their game to the next level. And, speaking of game — you can also catch Koye on the season premiere of RuPaul’s Drag RaceHis line, DKOYE was selected to be the official hair care product of the season on Logo TV’s most popular show and he’ll be making a special appearance. This feels like the right next step for an entrepreneur looking to upgrade the masses to his sparkling collection.

à bientôt

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