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5 Top Business Tips From #NYFW

New York Fashion Week was a jam packed collection of runway shows, clothing previews, celebration parties, makeovers, outfit changes and red carpet photos. Of course, there was lots of glitz and glamour at every turn, but there was also a lot of substance peeking out from behind all chiffon and


Top Resolutions That Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

Great entrepreneurs know that making plans and setting goals are a sure fire way to create success, but creating arbitrary resolutions for your business can undermine your growth and even make you demotivated. When determining your New Year’s resolutions make sure they are realistic, obtainable and authentic to you. Big


Professional Improvement: Networking Tips To Try Now

Networking is one of the greatest opportunities to show off your expertise and business. By networking, you’re allowing yourself to showcase your skills in a public domain without actually selling your service or your product to anybody.  This may initially seem like a very difficult thing to do, but it

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Must Read: Bossypants by Tina Fey

SEVEN REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD READ BOSSYPANTS THIS MONTH: 1. You had an awkward phase. Tina Fey’s phase was probably worse than yours, and assuredly funnier.  She has no pride about her unattractiveness throughout childhood and most of her adolescence, and it seems that she won’t be upset if that