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Beauty Box Subscriptions

I’ve written about subscription boxes before, but there seems to be a new one lauching every week. I’ll admit, there’s something indescribably pleasing about checking your mail and finding it full of different bags and boxes that you know are full of makeup and skincare products. It’s like Christmas, only it comes once a month instead of once a year.

There are so many beauty boxes on the market that it can be hard to decide which one(s) offers the best value. Below I’ve listed four of my favorites to help give you an idea of what you can expect if you’re looking to experiment with this ever-growing trend.


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At the very reasonable price of $10.00 a month, the Ipsy Glam Bag is one of the best values in the world of monthly beauty subscriptions. Instead of being shipped in a box, your Glam Bag is exactly what it sounds like… an adorable makeup bag that matches the theme of the month. Most of the included products are sample sized, but in each shipment, they will include one or two full sized products that can range from a dual ended eyeshadow brush to a creamy lip stain.

Lip Monthly


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If you love experimenting with your lips, you’re going to love Lip Monthly. For $12.95 a month, you’ll be sent a makeup bag that comes with four to five full-sized products inside. While eyeliner will always be my first love, I can’t deny the obsession I have with trying new shades of lipstick. I’ve been sent everything from Nudes, Blushes, Bright Reds, and even a dark green that I am now digging.


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I’m kind of obsessed with Julep.  Like Lip Monthly, Julep focuses on one area of beauty and does it extremely well. Their colors are super smooth and pigmented with extremely long wearability without chipping. Recently they’ve expanded to include premium makeup in their monthly offering, but it’s an option you needed to actively select and at $25.00 a month, I love that they give me the option to completely customize my experience.



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Some call it the original beauty box subscription. I’ve noticed they include the most sample sizes products from this service, but the range of products still make it one of the most popular options around. The box is beautifully designed and each item expertly coordinates with the other giving you a very unified experience for $10.00 a month. They have recently started offering pre-curated boxes as well so if you’re not interested in a surprise, you can know exactly which products will be coming your way.

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