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Amazon, the king of shipping goods to you in two days or less is looking to speed that process up even further. The online company retail company, announced a new service that will pay drivers to deliver packages to shoppers in an hour or less. If you are looking to make some cash on the side, for like, starting your own company, this may be the part-time gig for you.

A twist on Uber and Lyft driver concept, Amazon Flex is open to drivers with their own car who have a smart phone and pass a background check. Approved drivers can select two-, four-, or eight-hour shifts and earn between $18-$25 an hour. Customers will still use the Amazon Prime Now service to order, but the orders will be delivered through the Amazon Flex drivers.

2015-10-06_12-58-16Amazon Flex launched in Seattle and will eventually expand to Manhattan, Chicago, Baltimore, Miami, Dallas, Austin, Indianapolis, Atlanta, and Portland.

Retailers have been tinkering for years with improving and monetizing the “last mile” delivery market. This could change the way you order everything from gifts, to groceries to clothing and office supplies. It could also revolutionize peer to peer shopping services.

Competitors will be watching closely to see if Amazon’s sharing economy model of part-time delivery drivers works and we’ll be watching as well.

– à bientôt

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Before at home printers and online print services like Shutterfly, the fastest and coolest way to get a photo was to use a Polaroid camera. Those boxy all-in-one devices provided instant gratification and confirmation of your photo savviness and creatively. With the increased use of camera phones and online printers, the need to have an instant hard copy of image has decreased exponentially. After all, what good is a single print copy of a photo when I can beam a digital photo to any device that my friends and family use at the push of a button?

Well two legacy camera makers are out to answer that question and teach this generation how fun and insta-print cameras can be.

Polaroid Snap 2

Polaroid recently introduced the Polaroid Snap, a digital camera that also prints physical photos instantly. The 10MP digital instant camera is integrated with a printer using ZINK® Zero Ink Printing Technology that enabling users to instantly print full color, 2×3” prints automatically when an image is captured. Users can shoot new images even while the Polaroid Snap is printing. The camera also features a Micro SD card slot that holds up to 32GB to save and easily transfer and upload images to a computer, cloud service or social media platform.

Polaroid 1

Designed in a clean, minimalist style, the Polaroid Snap offers different capture modes including, color, black and white and a vintage Polaroid photo setting. Upping the ante on fun features, the camera includes a photo booth mode, which takes six quick pictures in ten seconds, and the option of printing with or without the Polaroid Classic Border Logo format. Users can also take instant selfies thanks to the camera’s self-timer feature.

The sleekest feature of the insta-print camera is the photos print out on adhesive paper, allowing you to turn any picture into a sticker.    Polaroid Snap 3

The camera will be available in black, white, red and blue in Q4 2015 and retail for $99.

instax mini 70 1

FujiFilm also recently launched the instax mini 70, a new instant camera which produces credit-card-size photos instantly. The instax mini 70, is available in three colors including Canary Yellow, Island Blue, and Moon White, and features the auto exposure control function to capture both the main subject and background in natural brightness as well as the newly added ‘selfie’ mode.

instax mini 70 2

The instax mini 70 also includes a variety of shooting modes including a selfie mode and self-timer function. The camera also includes a selfie mirror, so users can frame their pics just right.

The camera retails for $140.

Both insta-print cameras are good gift options for the tech entrepreneur or fashionista in your life.

– à bientôt

Charell Star | A Girl In A Dress


Never one to play quietly on the sidelines, Google held its own epic tech launch event yesterday and it announced some pretty big news. The search + everything tech company, is dropping two new smartphones in late October.

Nexus 6P 5XThe first, the Nexus 6P is Google’s most “premium phone yet.” It is 7.3mm thick and boost a 5.7-inch screen and 12.3-megapixels camera on the back which can take 4K video and slow-motion shots. The front-facing/selfie camera is 8-megapixels. The full metal-cased phone includes a new fingerprint sensor that will allow you to unlock the phone and make payments via Android Pay. It also uses a USB Type-C port which, according to Google, will charge the phone twice as fast as an iPhone 6 Plus. Pricing begins at $499 and it comes available in frost white, aluminum and graphite.

HARDWARE-MONTAGE_V1b_NW_croppedThe second phone, is the Nexus 5X, a more affordable option. It boosts a 5.2-inch screen, a 1080p display and a 12-megapixel camera that can do 4K video shooting. It also includes a 5-megapixel front-facing/selfie camera, the new fingerprint sensor and charges using the USB Type-C port. The Nexus 5X comes available in Carbon, Quartz and Ice and starts at $379.

You can pre-order the new Nexus phones today and all pre-orders include a 90-day free trial of Google Play Music and a $50 Play Store credit (US buyers only).

Google also introduced a new Nexus Protect warranty program. It runs $69 for the Nexus 5X and $89 for the Nexus 6P and provides two years of coverage in case of mechanical breakdown and accidental damage. Google promises, that you’ll get an overnight replacement phone sent to you while your original is being repaired.

– à bientôt

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A Girl In A Dress
Photo Credit: Raymond Mullins Photography

Macy’s has been one of my favorite retailers for a long time now. Part of the reason is nostalgia. I’m a native New Yorker, who grew up watching the original Miracle on 34th Street and riding the magic stairs wooden escalators with my mom.  I also appreciate that they help level the playing field for startups and smaller vendors by offering free workshops for women and minority entrepreneurs to help them learn how to scale their business and attract larger clients.

And, of course, in addition to all of that, I love the fact that Macy’s carries many of my favorite designers under one roof. I turn into a kid in a candy store when I walk onto their sales floor and I beeline it straight for the dress section.

So, I was totally siced when I was invited to participate in the Macy’s Fashion’s Front Row Shopping Party at Queens Center Mall. The event was a stone’s throw away from my house in Corona, and I was super excited to spend the afternoon offering style tips and glamming it up with the stylish ladies in my neighborhood.

A Girl In A Dress

The event kicked off with tunes from DJ Blaze who had the store jumping with from the moment the clock struck 2 PM. He was mad cool and even let me try my hand on the ones and twos. I kept it live for like a hot minute, but it turns out I shouldn’t quit my day job (ha).

Photo Credit: raymond mullins photography
Photo Credit: Raymond Mullins Photography

The crowd was treated to a live fashion presentation of the fall’s hottest fashion inspired by looks at New York Fashion Week.  The models were fierce, but they were all about ensuring even the smallest guests got to strike a pose.

Macys Model 5

A Girl In A Dress
Photo Credit: Raymond Mullins Photography
A Girl In A Dress
Photo Credit: Raymond Mullins Photography

I also swung by the Lancome Kiss Reading station for a touch up and personality reading. Sasha, the kiss expert had me kiss a piece of paper and told me about my personality from the shape of my kiss. Apparently, I am adventurous, creative and bold, which is pretty spot on. I’m amazed she could tell all that from kiss print. If you ever get the opportunity to get your kiss read, totally do it. It was a blast.

A Girl In A Dress
Photo Credit: Raymond Mullins Photography

Lancôme also provided free makeovers to attendees and their top makeup artist were on hand to teach attendees how to compliment the fab fall outfits guests were selecting. Many of the artist were using the new Lancôme Auda[city] in Paris Palette, which looked beautiful on dark and light skin tones.

A Girl In A Dress
Photo Credit: Raymond Mullins Photography

Speaking of looking fab; I totally rock this fabulous Adrianna Papell number. I absolutely love them because they are a family owned company who make stunning dresses for work, play or strutting your stuff down a red carpet.

A Girl In A Dress Charell Star
Photo Credit: Raymond Mullins Photography

A Girl In A Dress Charell Star

In between the shopping, guest were also treated to OPI mini manicures, an ice cream bar, raffle prizes and personalized artist fashion sketches.

A Girl In A Dress

I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon than surrounded by fashion, beauty and good people.

A Girl In A Dress Charell Star

Macy’s Fashion’s Front Row Shopping Party was a blast and I’m looking forward to the next one.

– à bientôt

Charell Star | A Girl In A Dress

Empire ended so good last season, I wasn’t sure they could keep the business-inspired musical drama going. But, not to worry season 2 returned not with a whimper, but with a roar. It was so loud, so over the top, so unbelievable that it made General Hospital, The Young and The Restless and Days of Our Lives do one collective gasp. Somewhere Susan Luccie was jumping on a chair screaming at the TV, “YAAAASSS. THAT IS HOW IT IS DONE”. Long live Erika Kane;).

But back to the show. I have a lot of juice to share on the first episode of the season, so if you haven’t watched, grab some Skinny Pop, log onto Hulu now, prepared to be cussed out by your neighbors for disturbing them with your loud yelling at the TV and watch. Then after you drift down from the high the episode gives you, come back here to relive the thrills.

Spoilers are ahead. You’ve been warned.

Free Lucious: At a Free Lucious Rally in what appears to be Central Park, we find out quickly that the Lyon clan has been busy in the three months since the Empire king has been locked up without bail. Cookie, Hakeem and Andre are thick as thieves and busy plotting a hostile takeover, totally keeping Jamal in the dark on their intentions. Since he became daddy’s heir to the Empire last season, things haven’t quite been the same between him and the rest of the clan.

Empire 1

No worries, because Cookie just needs to impress a lesbian business tycoon by the name of Mimi Whiteman (Marisa Tomei), get her to invest a miserly $250 million dollars in the company and she’ll get all her baby boys playing nice again. So at the Rally, Cookie is laying it on Mimi thick and acting like she’ll play ball in more ways than one to get that investment. She wants to be the Queen of Empire by any means necessary. And, if that means donning an ape suit and beating her chest in cage, well she’ll do it.

Empire 2

As Cookie is getting familiar with Mini, we catch our first glimpse of Lucious behind bars. If it wasn’t for the orange jumpsuit you might have thought he was on vacation somewhere exotic. I mean he just swaggered into the room. We see him beam with pride as he watches his sons Hakeem and Jamal perform on TV at the Free Lucious Rally. He is all smiles until he sees Cookie and Mimi on the screen at the Rally. His entire attitude shifts and we know the war is far from over.

Club Fed: Lucious may be behind bars, but that doesn’t mean you can count him out. The man seems to be running things in prison with a hired crew of prison inmates at his beck and call. He’s out playing basketball in the yard when he learns that the drug kingpin, Frank Gathers (Chris Rock), who he and Cookie use to run drugs for back in the day is arriving for a stint. For a hot moment, there is tension around who will be the head-cheerleader around the cellblock, but it turns out Lucious and Frank are cool as cucumbers with each other.

This is great for Lucious Lyon because he’s got bigger cubs to tame. Jamal visits Lucious in jail and does a bit of whining about how he can’t tour and promote his album since, you know, he’s the running Empire. Lucious does his fatherly part by telling him, “Well, get me the hell out of here and you can tour the world.” He also follows up by complaining that Cookie hasn’t come to see him once in prison. “Not once” in three month. Jamal gave him the side-eye that made me laugh out loud. How quickly he forgot that he didn’t visit Cookie in prison not once in the 17 years she was locked up.

After that man in the mirror moment, Lucious tells Jamal to “handle” Vernon and find out who the woman was that he spotted with Cookie at the rally. Doing the first task will be pretty difficult, since Vernon – who gave Lucious up to the feds – is dead; but neither of them knows that.

It’s Just Business: Speaking of Vernon, Andre is having sweaty flashbacks nightmares about his pregnant wife burying Vernon’s body after she killed him. Always leveled headed and strategic, Rhonda tells him not to worry because they would already know if the cops suspected them in the murder. She also asks him if he talked about the dastardly deed with his pastor (cause remember Andre found religion last season). Andre after a long-awkward pause, says, “no” and asks how his baby boy is doing.

So, we know Rhonda is having a boy, which will do nothing to aide all the testosterone fueled spats in the Lyon clan. Truth be told, the women in this crew are no better, so really they should get a jump on a therapist appointment for that kid now.

At a playboy-esq party for Mimi, being thrown by Cookie, Andre and Hakeem; we see Boo-Boo Kitty is still part of the take down Lucious team. Apparently, she and Hakeem are an item, she lives with him now and her business savvy can help close the deal with Mimi. Cookie has to swallow her pride and play nice for the evening. Mimi takes a shine to Anika (Boo-Boo Kitty) and we learn our debutant can twerk with the best of them.

When the gang is back in the office, it looks like their efforts have paid off and the Mimi deal is closed. Cookie, Andre, Anika and Hakeem bad-ass style, slow walk triumphantly into a board meeting being led by Jamal to tell the board that they (with Mimi’s money), have bought a controlling share of Empire and will be running things moving forward. Cookie is making all types of reassurances to Jamal that he will remain part of the team/family, when he drops the mic on them. Turns out Mimi, made a deal directly with Lucious and decided to back him instead of the crew of wannabes. Lucious even Skypes into the meeting from Club Fed prison to say, “game over b******.”

That Family Bond: Cookie barely makes through her front door, before she learns she has another crisis is on her hands. Her sister, Carol has come to town to tell her that Frank Gathers is on to them. See, Cookie ratted out Frank to get out of jail early and had a hit put out on one of his friends by mistake. Frank is not too pleased and send her a head in a box, godfather style. Cookie ships the entire Lyon clan to Lucious’ mansion and goes to seek help.

Empire 3

She beelined it straight to Club Fed to talk with Lucious. After some witty love you/hate you banter, he asks her why she’s there. She spills the beans that their old boss is out to get the family. Lucious does what any family patriarch would do; he sets up a talk with Frank.

The oddly guard-less prison meeting starts off pretty respectful, but Frank tells Lucious he has no plans to let Cookie live. This doesn’t sit well with Lucious, who is clear that he will have Cookie’s back. Frank orders his prison henchmen to kill Lucious, but it turns out that they are all team Lucious now thanks to some recent investments that have come their way. So, they kill Frank instead.

Back at the mansion, Cookie tells the clan that the threat is over and they can all go home. She tries to make amends with Jamal, but he kicks everyone out of the house instead for trying to betray Lucious with the failed hostile takeover. He even slams the door in Cookies’ face. Turns out the boy is loyalist of the bunch to his dear old dad.

So that was the first episode of the season. It was amazing, but I have so many questions:

How long will they continue to hold Lucious in prison with their key witness dead? Why is Lucious prison the nicest prison in America? What’s instore for Cookie, Andre, Hakeem and Boo Boo Kitty now that Jamal has shut the door? Who thought Chris Rock would make a convincing drug kingpin? I mean, I love the man, but kept waiting for him to say,“OJ, I understand.” What will Mimi do next now that she is a majority investor in Empire?

Guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

– à bientôt

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18178Michael Strahan, America’s dose of morning happiness, debuted a new men’s wear line with JCPenny this week – Collection by Michael Strahan. The line is an exclusive brand of tailored clothing, including dress shirts, cufflinks, neckwear and belts.

The sharply dressed host of Kelly and Michael said, “I believe every man should be able to afford a well-made suit, one that is comfortable and stylish.”

Collection by Michael Strahan Gray Windowpane Suit Separates - Classic Fit JCPenny $120 - $260Available in over 200 JCPenney stores and at the Collection is made from quality fabrics like bird’s eye, herringbone and windowpane, along with solid prints in a variety of sophisticated colors.


In my humble opinion, looking good has never been a challenge for Strahan, so it’s exciting to see him bring his sharp sense of style to market. JCPenny has been stepping up their fashion game over the years with cool designer. His new line runs $28 – $275 a welcome treat for women who want to see well-dressed men everywhere.

18205Never one to be out done, Rihanna released a new line of kicks with PUMA this week. Her first shoe line release as the brand’s Women’s Creative Director and Brand Ambassador – the PUMA BY RIHANNA Collection falls under Rihanna’s FENTY label. The first collection introduces the PUMA Creeper, remixing the iconic PUMA Suede with a little bit punk and a little bit rebel.


The PUMA Creeper harnesses the music and fashion feel of the revolutionary punk era with PUMA’s deep sporting heritage. Proving that she’ll always ride with her crew, she tapped her friend, musician and record producer Travi$ Scott to help launch the PUMA Creeper. Scott stars in the first-ever PUMA by Rihanna campaign alongside Rihanna, who also creative directed the shoot.

“Partnering with PUMA has given me the opportunity to create pieces that are unique and unexpected,” says Rihanna.  “I really wanted to dig into their archive and give classic silhouettes my own spin. The PUMA Creeper is just that. And equally as cool, the fact that Travi$ Scott is joining me on my first launch is incredible.”

PUMA BY RIHANNA CREEPERThe first style, in a black-white colorway retails for $120 and is available at and select retailers globally.

I love entrepreneurs doing their thing. Hopefully, these two lines are able to stand out in the crowded fashion field and expand the lines.

– à bientôt

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The IFA has to be one of the world’s most premier consumer electronics and home appliances trade shows. The event takes place in Berlin, Germany and attracts top global brands and technology industry leaders. Similar to CES in the US, the event is a adult tech playground where attendees get to test and review new products before they hit the market. Samsung showed up in full force at this year’s show and brought plenty of new gadgets to the field.

Here are 8 new cool entrepreneur inspired tech toys debuted by the South Korean company:

SleepSense – For Keeping You Rested 

This new product really woke up visitors.  SleepSense is a sensor and sleep analysis system that tracks your sleep patterns and suggests changes to improve your sleep. A small, thin pad, SleepSense slips under your mattress, where it can track your breathing, pulse and other traits more accurately than anything else on the market. SleepSense can also work together with consumer electronics in your home to adjust your lights and alarm, to wake you up

up gradually, when your body is at the best point in its sleep cycle.

Gear S2 – For Keeping You Moving

Samsung’s latest wearable device, the Gear S2, has high expectations. The round design was an intuitive innovation and formed to maximize the usefulness of a wearable. Available in two versions—the Gear S2 and Gear S2 classic—the device is incredibly customizable, with various watch faces and a wide range of colorful straps that can be easily swapped. And with the Gear S2 being Android-compatible, its promises to be the most versatile and functional wearable yet.

SmartThings – For Keeping Your Home and Business Buzzing

The SmartThings Hub can turn any home into a smart home, connecting all sorts of devices on an open platform. People can turn on the lights or change the temperature even when away from home, as well as get notifications about movement or potential problems (like smoke or leaks).

But the power of SmartThings goes beyond the home, too. In conjunction with cross-industry collaborators, SmartThings is connecting devices and people across industries, from retail to enterprise, and healthcare to transportation, thus growing an open IoT ecosystem across the world. For instance, BMW cars can now directly integrate you with your home while you are driving, giving you alerts right to your dashboard.

And thanks to the open platform SmartThings was built on, expect plenty more partnerships in the future.


 Connected Car – For Keeping Your Business Mobile

With the Car Mode for Galaxy app, you can use your smartphone or other wearable device to take calls, listen to music, get directions and even have your text messages read to you, all without taking your eyes off the road or your hands from the wheel. It makes the driving experience much safer and more convenient.

Plus with Car-Net e-Remote with Volkswagen, you can use your new Gear S2 wearable to integrate with your car. Using your Gear S2, you can see where your car is parked, turn on the air conditioning on a hot day, even stop and start the battery charger for electric vehicles.

Virtual Reality Experiences – For Keeping You Relaxed

Samsung’s new virtual reality headset, the Gear VR lets people dive into content like never before.

Curved – SUHD, UHD TVs – For Keeping You Entertained

With 28 types of TVs, ranging from 32 inches to 105 inches, Samsung now has the a TV for every home, from the smallest apartment to the biggest home.

UHD and SUHD TVs offer four times the resolution of traditional HD TVs, so people are going to need content at that resolution, too. Samsung is working with the UHD Alliance to create standards for the industry—and they say final certification is nearly ready. In the meantime, Samsung announced Gamefly, a streaming service that offers the latest and hottest games in UHD, as well as agreements with many partners to offer movies, TV shows and other content in the stunning, UHD format.

Customization – For Keeping You Fashionable

This year’s IFA saw many collaborations with the fashion industry to customize people’s phones and wearable devices and Samsung was no exception. In partnership with Montblanc, there was an artist tattooing leather cases by hand for Galaxy S6 edge+ phones. And Swarovski is offering glittering, crystal-covered cases for Samsung smartphones to add a bit of bling to your world.


Smart Suit – For Keeping You James Bond Cool

Samsung brought four wearable outfits to IFA, including a suit that has an NFC tag in the wrist, allowing users to change their phone’s mode easily and discreetly, without ever taking it out of their pocket.


Source: BlogsRelease

– à bientôt

Charell Star | A Girl In A Dress

New York Fashion Week was a jam packed collection of runway shows, clothing previews, celebration parties, makeovers, outfit changes and red carpet photos. Of course, there was lots of glitz and glamour at every turn, but there was also a lot of substance peeking out from behind all chiffon and selfie sticks this year. If you paid really close attention, there were endless business lessons being displayed that could help an entrepreneur in any field get a head. The best business tips usually come from the most unexpected situations and Fashion Week was no exception.

Here are top five lessons that I observed during my NYFW experience that you should apply to your business and life today.

Follow #RoleModelsNotRunwayModels

Chanel Cathey, Viacom Director of Corporate Communications
Chanel Cathey, Viacom Director of Corporate Communications

I picked this on up at the Carrie Hammer Role Models, Not Runway Models show that highlighted the fact that women with substance have the type of style we should idealize. The show included 27 business leaders and had them strut their highly-accomplished stuff down the runway in exclusive professional designs from Carrie Hammer. The Role Models included women like Tayla Colton of Keep A Child Alive, Tolu Olubunmi a Dream Act advocate, and Michelle Herrera Mulligan Editor in Chief of Latina Cosmo.

The Business Lesson: The people you choose to emulate should be leaders in the truest sense of the word.

With the Right #SquadGoals Anything is Possible

Essence Street Style 2015
Essence Street Style 2015

Pulling off a Fashion Week event is a major coup, but no one does it alone. Everywhere you look there are teams of people working to make magic happen. Combine that with the throngs of men and women who come out to support their friends and pitch in a helping hand when needed and you’ve got one unstoppable force.

The Business Lesson: Surround yourself with people who support your goals and mission if you want to get ahead.

There is No Such Thing As An Overnight Success

BlackPhumlelele Show
BlackPhumlelele Show

Many of the designers I spoke fell into two camps. Some had been designing for years and had a desire early in life to create clothing that showcased their creativity. Others became designers because a lack of clothing options in the marketplace that met a personal need. Neither group felt that their success was instantaneous. They all put in years of hard-work, sleepless nights, large personal financial investment and overcame countless challenges to get to this point in their careers.

The Business Lesson: There are no shortcuts to creating a successful business. You have to be willing to give it your all and work harder and longer than anyone else if you want to get to the top.

Shake off Losses Quickly And Focus on The Next Win

KIA STYLE360 Hosts Serena Williams Signature Collection By HSN Photo Credit - WireImage for STYLE360
KIA STYLE360 Hosts Serena Williams Signature Collection By HSN Photo Credit – WireImage for STYLE360

This is one that the pros live by. Everyone (Ok. Everyone I know) was disappointed with Serena Williams’ semi-final loss at the US Open. But no one was surprised when she flawlessly debuted her new collection at Fashion Week a few short day later. She is known for her ability to keep all her projects moving forward and execute her vision according to plan. That is an amazing skill to have in every field.

The Business Lesson: A good businessman or woman doesn’t let one defeat hamper their entire game.

Check Your Ego At the Door

Even with the all the fast-paced events, long lines and high stress moments, Fashion Week continues to be one of the best NY experiences because everyone is so down to earth. From the PR girls checking the lists at the doors and finding room for that person who did not RSVP, to the assistants running to grab extra bottles of water or clean a spill off the floor, to the security guard who becomes the de facto bathroom attendant/taxi concierge; everyone is working hard to make sure guests have a really good time and seem to go out of their way to make it happen.

The Business Lesson: To succeed you need to check your inner-diva at the door and be willing to do things outside your “job description” to get things done.


I’m looking forward to the next NYFW and all the awesome business lessons I’ll see in action there. Of course, I’ll share the best tips with you. 2015-09-22 00.09.23

– à bientôt

Charell Star | A Girl In A Dress

2015-09-11 14.55.59Making the choice to go natural wouldn’t seem like a business question to some, but it was for me and many African American women. Even working in the “lifestyle” space, I know that wearing my hair in certain styles may put me in at a disadvantage for job opportunities and with certain clients. For most of my life this really hasn’t been a problem, because my hair has been “bone-straight” relaxed for as long as I can remember.

I was so young when I was given my first relaxer that I don’t think I even knew how to read yet. Even the occasion photo that you will find of adolescent me, running around in braids masks the fact that my hair was chemically treated first to make “styling my hair easier.” There are no wild-child hair photos, because my family and guardians nipped that in the butt before it ever became a “problem.”

I’d be lying if I said, I didn’t like my hair straight. Quite honestly, I grown fond of how my hair falls perfectly around my face after a relaxer and wash and set. And, my bi-monthly maintenance (twice a month, not every two months) salon trip have become a ritualistic expense for me. If I miss my salon visit by even a day, my entire schedule feels thrown off. But something has shifted in me as I have gotten older.

Perhaps it is confidence I now feel in my business expertise and so I don’t worry nearly as much as I did when I was younger about not being able to find companies and clients that won’t judge me on face, or should I say hair, value. Maybe it’s watching my friends bring the next generation of girls into the world and wanting to build an environment for them where they are always accepted for who they are not who society says they should be. Or maybe it is the realization, that for all that I have accomplished in my life, I have never seen the complete me looking back at me in the mirror.

2015-06-14 18.49.12

When I was just starting out in my career, I foolishly thought that I needed compartmentalize my life to be successful. But, what I have discovered over the years is it is nearly impossible to achieve what you want out of life keeping a part of yourself hidden. And, that extends to my hair as well.

2015-09-15 17.39.38-2So, about five months ago I quietly “forgot” to get my scheduled relaxer and am currently 8 months into my natural transition. Most people wouldn’t be able to tell yet, because I’ve been rocking my summer extensions (yup that luscious length is a weave), but I’ve been experimenting with twist-outs, updos, braided buns and pinups for months. I’m getting good with my at-home styling, but I can’t take all the credit.

2015-08-15 17.05.48-1 Thanks to bloggers like Afrobella and natural hair YouTube vloggers like Naptural85 (my virtual BFF), I have step by step visuals to make styling my hair fun and easy. And, thanks to curl-expert companies like Ouidad, I’m able to get the education and products I need for to make my natural hair transition seamless.

Charell OuidadOuidad even invited me to take part in their #ExpressNeverSuppress curls photoshoot during New York Fashion week and I had a blast rocking my curls. They are all about teaching women how to understand their natural curl type (mine is tight) and providing tools and products to help women love their curls. The event was right on time for me as I want to start rocking more natural styles more often.

As, I work up to my big chop (T minus 14 months and counting) – the point in which I permanently cut my old relaxed strands from my natural new growth – I feel good knowing that I’m not hiding any part of who I am and bringing all of me to everything I do.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress;).

– à bientôt

Charell Star | A Girl In A Dress

Disclosure: Although this post is sponsored, all opinions and witty statements are my own:).

Disclosure: “This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.“

As many of my friends will attest, New York Fashion Week is one of my favorite times of the year. You get to see all the up and coming trends, fabulous clothes, and oh, so gorgeous people, but not everyone gets to enjoy this experience firsthand. Luckily, for you we’re bring the glamour of Fashion Week to Macy’s and you’re invited to this fashionably fun event.

Join us for the shopping party of the season, on Saturday, Sept. 26 at 2:00 PM as Macy’s Fashion’s Front Row showcases the hottest looks from your favorite designers. Be sure to catch our fabulous fashion presentation. Get a mini Beauty Service including make-up by Lancôme and manicures by OPI, and don’t forget to capture the moment with a selfie at the American Express photo station. Get ready to put your best you forward this Fall!

Macys Fashion Front Row A Girl In A Dress

This amazing free (yup, free) event will take place at select Macy’s locations around the country (see full list here). I’ll be dressed to the nines and making a special appearance at 2PM at the Macy’s Queens Center Mall event and I’d love to see you there.

Fashion Week is the best time of the year. With so many new trends and throwbacks this season the style options are endless. What trends are you looking forward to most? Are there any Fall staples that you’re just itching to bring out?

à bientôt

Charell Star | A Girl In A Dress