Seven Qualities You Need To Love An Entrepreneur

Seven Qualities You Need To Love An Entrepreneur

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Love is in the air. I recently became engaged to my amazing boyfriend in a whirlwind proposal that not even Dr. Love could have conjured up. After serenading me with a beautiful original song, he surprised me with a trip to Paris. Yes Paris. Two days later he popped the question under an archway near a chic Parisian cafe. It was the stuff of dreams and I floated on happily, enjoying every minute of the romantic getaway.

After I returned home and my excitement wore down to a more manageable level, I begun to think about all the qualities that made me fall for my husband to be. He is pretty close to perfect in my eyes and is able to nourish not only my personal side, but my entrepreneurial spirit as well. I am grateful for him and especially grateful he has the following seven qualities that make him stand out. I believe these are the qualities significant others who want to love entrepreneurs need to possess for a successful relationship:

Mark Zuckerburg and Pricella ChanLack of Fear of Failure – When you love an entrepreneur, you can’t be afraid they might fail. Failure is a part of stepping out on an uncharted path. When they have moments of failure or “setbacks” as my sweetie calls them, you have be ready to help them plot their comeback.

feat-kim-kanye-vogue-coverInner Need To Protect the Dream – I believe in my dreams, but sometimes I wonder if I believe in them nearly as much as my fiancee. When I doubt myself in those off moments, he is ready to pounce and remind me that I’ve got to keep moving forward. You’ve got to keep them focused on the dream.


Bill and Melinda GatesContagious Inspiration – He keeps me motivated, because he is so focused on changing the world too. Entrepreneurs need to know that the people in their lives are dreamers and doers too. Having your own passions and successes inspires us to try and keep up.


beyonce-jay-zAdventurist – There is a popular business quote that states, “entrepreneurs spend a few years living like most people won’t, so they can spend their lives living like most people can’t.” This crazy journey has got to excited you too.



2010 Kennedy Center HonorsMaturity – It is important to have someone who is not only able to unbiasedly evaluate the strengths and potential weaknesses of their partner but also have the courage to act upon them. Entrepreneurs can become extremely immersed in achieving their goals and need a partner who will always be honest and straightforward.


david_beckham_victoria_beckham Empathy – Although, empathy may seem like an obvious must-have quality; it can be a difficult one for many people to show. Entrepreneurs need a partner who is empathetic to their struggles, joys and frustrations. This journey can feel like a roller coaster sometimes and there is nothing worst that feeling like you are the only one on it.



Mellody Hobson, George LucasHigh Self Esteem – “You have to love yourself before you can love anybody else.” If you believe in yourself and love who you are; then that confidence will empower your partner. You need to be equals in your relationship and believe that you can accomplish anything together. That will never happen if you have hidden self-doubt. Believe in yourself and your partner will too.


As I continue this amazing journey with my love, I acknowledge how blessed I am to have someone with these amazing qualities and more. Make sure you’re ready to share these qualities with your entrepreneurial partner if you want to go the distance.

à bientôt

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