Heels and Wheels: Closing Out Summer In My (Loaner) 2017 Mazda CX-3

Heels and Wheels: Closing Out Summer In My (Loaner) 2017 Mazda CX-3

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I’ve been on the go non-stop this summer and Ihave no reason to complain. From vacationing in Greece to shooting my tech pilot (air date TBD) and landing trend segments on Fox 5 Good Day New York and NBC 4 – New York Live, this has been an absolutely amazing freaking summer.

Me Having Some Fun At The Acropolis
Shooting the Outro for On The Scene Tech – Whoo Hoo

In my haze of happy I totally neglected a few items on my summer to-do list and decided I needed to check them off before summer came to a close.  So, when Mazda asked me to review the new 2017 CX-3 I lept at the chance to knock off some of my last minute items in style.


I’ve reviewed the Mazda 3 series before and this newer model did not disappoint. It drove smooth and included all the bells and whistles that a busy person would need to make a car their sanctuary – Bluetooth connectivity, active driving display, voice navigation, all-wheel drive, seating for five, wireless calling and my favorite for parking in tight city spaces – a rear view camera.


I started my journey by hitting up my local grocery store and restocking my empty cabinets (like I said, it was a busy summer). The trunk space on the CX-3 was more than adequate to hold a month’s worth of groceries and I didn’t have to load anything into the back seat.


Later in the week, I headed to the New York Renaissance Faire which has been on my list of places to visit for years. In the course of my 90-minute drive, I discovered two pain points with the CX-3.  The first is the navigation system (which I’ve written about previously). It’s not as user-friendly as it should be and it took my husband and I about 15 minutes to load the address in the system. We almost gave up to use our cell-phone GPS instead, but I refused to be defeated by a machine.

2016-09-03-15-18-52-hdrThe actual drive to the Ren Faire was great with the exception of the car’s blind spot monitoring. This safety feature was way too sensitive for NYC highway driving and went off constantly. It would give me a warning beep whenever a car was in my blind spot or when I’d turn off an exit ramp. I found myself tuning it out after a while, which defeats the purpose of the system. I’m not sure how to tweak the sensitivity level of the safety system, but would totally recommend it to keep from being distracted while driving. (FYI… Blind Spot Safety Mointoring is feature poping up in many newer model cars. I’ll need to review compatable systems to see where Mazda’s stands).

Enjoying the Ren Faire with a Costumed Lady.

My last stop in my Mazda CX-3 was the tester of all great relationships – Ikea. The hubby and I needed a new TV stand, so we made the trip to Elizabeth, NJ. Honestly, the ride there and back was easy-breezy and everything we purchased fit in the trunk easily. Plus, we made it in and out of the store without out seeing a single couple argue (which never happens). So, there might actually be unicorn magic in this car ????.

The Mazda CX-3 starts at $24,990 and totally makes my list of boss-babe car contenders.

-XOXO Charell Star | Not Just A Girl In A Dress

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