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The Devils Are Here: Empire Season 2 Premiere Recap

Empire ended so good last season, I wasn’t sure they could keep the business-inspired musical drama going. But, not to worry season 2 returned not with a whimper, but with a roar. It was so loud, so over the top, so unbelievable that it made General Hospital, The Young and

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5 Epic Business Lessons To Learn From Fox’s “Empire”

When the queen of must-see prime time TV, Shonda Rhimes, is hooked on your show, you know you have a hit. With 20 million viewers and counting, Empire is poised to become the biggest breakout hit for Fox of the season. Of course, having an all-star cast – including, Taraji


TV’s New Leading Ladies Mean Business – Fall’s Must Watch Line Up

I’ve been checking out the upcoming Fall TV line up and am excited to see all the starlets that are playing pretty significant leading roles on some action packed dramas. Four of my favorite actresses are gender-breaking stereotypes through their roles as heads of state, business, and the classroom. Here

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Work Survival Lessons from ‘The Walking Dead’

Zombies represent our worst fears, the ones that just won’t die, no matter how many times we try to destroy them.  When you’re at work, those fears can hold you back from taking important risks.  Use these cool lessons from’s article about AMC’s television show, The Walking Dead, to