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The New Best Summer Wines To Sip Now

Summer’s officially here. So it’s time to gather the wine, friends, and, of course, sunscreen – and head outside. But, before you grab a bottle of everyone’s seasonal favorite – rosé – you should know that there are some tasty new wines on the market that are perfect to pair

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Lifestyle Unboxed: Unboxing the Perfect Drink Pro Smart Bartender

Thanks to technology there is really no excuse for handing your friends a poorly mixed drink. Apps like Alchemy and LiquorCabinet turn any smartphone into a cocktail recipe guide and more than a few startups have been working like mad to make the process even simpler. Enter the Perfect Drink Pro from


The 2016 Eater Awards or How To Blow A Pre-Holiday Diet

The recent 2016 Eater Awards was both a foodie’s sweet dream and dieter’s beautiful nightmare. The prestigious event honored the top restaurants, bars, and industry players in the food world and brought them all to Union Faire in NYC to wreak havoc on my pre-holiday diet goals ????.  The event was

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Tough Turkey: Biz Tips & More From A Master Carver

My great grandmother once told me, “every opportunity in life will teach you something new or help you get where you’re going.” She always spoke the truth and although her home spun honesty wasn’t always universally appreciated (that’s family for you), this life lesson has stuck with me. Making the


Entrepreneur Duo – The McBride Sisters- Launch A Cool New Wine

Wine has always been the sophisticated libation of choice for grown folks and Robin and Andréa McBride, aka The McBride Sisters aim to honor that history by elevating it to the chic drink of choice for contemporaries across the country. The entrepreneur duo, wine connoisseurs have partnered with Diageo Chateau &