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7 Apps for Making Friends When You’re Grown AF

Making friends is hard at any age. It’s even more difficult when you’re grown AF and set in your independent, boss babe ways. As self-satisfying as it is to do things on your own it is also nice to have a squad who wants to roll with you – and


5 Things To Do To Make You Happier Today

Winter is here and no matter where you live in the country; it’s cold. Staying positive and happy through snow and freezing rain storms is tough. The harsh weather and lack of consistent sunlight has the power to negatively impact your mood and have you longing to curl up in


Beat Procrastination: Ways to Trick Yourself into Jumping Into Any Task

Every entrepreneur struggles with procrastination from time to time. Let’s be real: doing boring work is no fun. However avoiding key tasks, no matter how small, can lead to an increase in stress levels. Instead of avoiding the dreary to-dos, try these tips to trick yourself into diving into any


5 Ways to Feel Happier Today

We all want to be happier, yet it can be a struggle from time to time. Whether it’s stress from your job, family life, relationships, many factors play a role in our happiness and we all experience not so joyful times. Here are a few ways to improve your mood

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Ways to Create a Life or Business Full of Intent

We all have dreams and goals we want to accomplish in life, whether they be to start or run a successful business, have a happy family, be in a position to give back to the community or all of the above.  With everything going on in our lives it’s easy


Guilt-Free Ways to Say ‘No’

“No, is a complete sentence.” That is best statement I’ve heard in a long time. Those two little letters have a lot of power in your life.  If you are a entrepreneur than I am sure people depend on you. And, sometimes you may find yourself saying, ‘yes’ to them


5 Ways to Practice Gratitude and Increase Your Happiness High Daily

There’s a saying, “it’s not happy people who are thankful, it’s thankful people who are happy.” Research has shown that showing gratitude for what you have automatically makes you feel more joy, ” relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.” Entrepreneurs, like most people,


5 Tips to Make This a Happy Day

Being an entrepreneur comes with its own set of ups and down. Add to that the daily stresses of life and you’ll find that your emotions can vary wildly throughout the day. No one is happy 100% of the time, but I think happiness is something we all strive for

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No Time For A Vacation? Stop Telling Yourself That

Labor Day has come and gone, symbolizing that summer is coming to an end. Say goodbye to warm days swimming at the pool and laying on the beach. Wait a minute, you didn’t get to do that? You are not alone. According to the US Travel Association, 40% of


The Top 10 Dr. Seuss Quotes to Brighten Any Day

Sometimes the best place to find inspiration is the same places you found it as a kid. Like most adults, I’ve been a Dr. Seuss fan since I was little and have read just about every book he’s written. It might seem odd, but the same man who penned The