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My Breakup Letter to 2017

Dear 2017, You really sucked. I don’t like speaking ill of anyone, but you were the absolute worst. Everything was a knockdown drag-out fight with you and after a year of the foolishness, I’m not sorry to breakup with you or see you go. Every month you literally and physically

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Anna Wintour – 5 Tips from the Godmother of Style

There are a number of powerful women in the fashion industry and will probably never be a shortage of ladies to look up to. However, among all the inspiring females in the business, there’s one who reigns supreme: Vogue’s Anna Wintour… and with good reason. The British-born editor and

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Michelle Obama: 5 Things We Love About Our First Lady

Can I just say that Michelle Obama is Bae? The entire #NotJust Team is totally in awe of her and her ability to rise above the divisive, misogynistic and racist rhetoric that has come to define this election season. As President Obama aptly put it, “Some may dispute the quality