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Best Travel Bags For Summer

Whether you’re traveling for work, play or both, there’s no reason not to do it in style this summer season. Travel bags have gotten some serious design and tech updates over the last few years, making it easier to stay organized, comfortable and fly – while on the road.  


Booze & Brushes: 5 Reasons Every Grown Woman Should Try A Painting Party

There comes a time in every grown woman’s life when going clubbing becomes an activity reserved only for bachelorette parties and reminding significant others what you’re working with. (Ahem, don’t make me pull out THAT dress;))! For all other times, I like to unwind and recharge in ways that allow


Live Like A Local Tours Makes NYC Feel More, Local

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a proud native New Yorker. I love everything about New York City, so much so that it makes me a little sad whenever I have to tell people that I now live in New Jersey with my fiancée. Love makes you do crazy

Go, Mind,

No Time For A Vacation? Stop Telling Yourself That

Labor Day has come and gone, symbolizing that summer is coming to an end. Say goodbye to warm days swimming at the pool and laying on the beach. Wait a minute, you didn’t get to do that? You are not alone. According to the US Travel Association, 40% of


Essence Festival Recap – Living In the Moment

This year’s Essence Festival in New Orleans was fun in more ways than one. Normally when I visit the Big Easy, I’m so inundated with work that I don’t get to enjoy the magic happening around me. But this time I took a more intentional approach and really made the