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Signs of Success: Your September Entrepreneur Horoscope

Some people believe that astrology is a bunch of hogwash, but I am not one of them. I’ve loved learning about astrology since I was a young kid and believe there is at least some connection between when in the year you were born and your sparkling personality. For my


You’re Not Alone: Networking Designed For Women Entrepreneurs

Disclosure: Although this post is sponsored, all opinions and witty statements are my own:). I was prepared for a lot when I started my first business. I knew there would be a lot of late nights, challenging clients and juggling of my time. What I wasn’t as prepared for was the

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eHarmony Wants To Make Your Work Place More Compatible Too

In less than six weeks, I’ll be a married lady all thanks to the digital matchmaking service, eHarmony (and of course my fabulous fiancée). The online dating service, which uses the scientific method to pair couples is looking to take that same approach to making sure people are in love


5 Signs You May Fail At Entrepreneurship or Anything Really

Entrepreneurs are crazy people. Crazy in a mad genius sort of way, but crazy all the same. The belief that you can create a business from nothing but your passions and convictions and then inspire others to buy whatever you’re selling requires a certain level of off-center thinking that not


You Get What You Pay For, Unpaid Internships Can Cost You Big

Remember life as an intern? Spending long days making photo copies, researching online, running errands and trying to prove to a company that you had what it took to become a permanent part of their team. Well, before you get all nostalgic, let me be the first to tell you


QuadJobs is Taking The Gig Economy Back To Its College Roots

Looking back, college was the multi-tasking testing ground for my entrepreneurial life. Besides going to school full-time and rocking it out, I also worked three jobs at any one time. I did work-study in between classes, worked at a retail store and also as a waitress at a private Soho


Key Business Tips From the Entrepreneur Coach Chike Uzoka

Starting a business takes a lot of courage. Some people are able to jump feet first into their passion and build something bigger than themselves and some need help understanding how to navigate the complicated landscape. For those who are business wunderkinds, the “Entrepreneur Coach” Chike Uzoka has your back.


9 Modern Biz Terms Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

  Business clichés are a dime a dozen these days. Everyone wants to “think outside of the box,” go after “low hanging fruit” and make sure “the plan is scalable.” But, even if you find this type of lingo tiresome; you still need to be hip to the terminology to