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Print Your Makeup At Home: With The MINK 3D Printer You Can

What happens when you make creating makeup at home as easy printing a photo off the internet? That’s the question that inventor Grace Choi is seeking to answer with her at home 3D makeup printer, MINK. The printer, which is about as big as an iMac, eliminates the need for


Expert Tips To Gain A #Flawless Brand Worthy Smile

In the age of endless selfies, usies, Instagram shots and Vines, your personal brand image is always on display.  Every pic and clip becomes part of your public narrative and impacts how people perceive you. A great smile can directly influence not only how you’re perceived, but also how


Carol’s Daughter Sells (Not Sells Out) To L’Oreal

The world was all  a-twitter recently with the news that Carol’s Daughter had been acquired by beauty giant L’Oreal. Did African American founder Lisa Price sell out her business and legacy to the highest bidder? Did she turn her back on her loyal followers and the Black community by handing


Christian Louboutin Steps Out With Signiture Nail Polish

The man who redefined fashion in 1992, by coloring the soles of his with his signature red sole is looking to do the same to the luxury beauty category. This month Louboutin is launched a Rouge Louboutin… a timeless, vibrant red nail polish suited to any skin tone.  The color

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Beauty at the Press of a Button: Uber Beauty Apps

Want food in an hour? There’s an app for that. Need a car to take you to the airport? There’s an app for that. Need flowers delivered to your BFF? There’s an app for that too.  Beauty is no different. There is no more hassle required when it comes to