Why #BlackGirlsRock Is The Truth

Why #BlackGirlsRock Is The Truth

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Michelle Obama

By now, we all that know that Michelle Obama nearly broke the internet when she attended the Black Rocks Rock! Awards and declared un-apologetically on national television that “Black Girls Rock.” For some, this revelation from our fearless First Lady was an affront to their very being and they took to social media to share their, shall we say, distaste for her words of encouragement to Black girls and women across the world. Luckily, we live in the age of Black Twitter and our community was/is having none of that foolishness.

The idea that acknowledging the significance of Black girls and women undermines the significance of women of any other ethnicity is ludicrous. Since when does building someone up mean tearing someone else down? The very fact that a positive awards show like Black Girls Rock! even exists and the declaration that #BlackGirlsRock could inspire the hurling of insults and negative comments in the year 2015, proves that we need to continue providing Black girls and women affirmation and motivation not annually, but daily.

We can start by listening to the truth that was shared by some of the greatest women of our generation during the award show.

Let’s start thinking like leading lady Jada Pinkett Smith and recognizing all the power that we possess. “Understand that we are the women that marched from cotton fields to fields of medicine, politics, law, education, entertainment–we even found our way to march ourselves into the White House as the First Lady of the United States of America.” Believe in our power and let’s use it to declare in every action we take that not only do we as a Black women rock, but our lives and voices matter and we have been put on this earth to shine.

Let’s reflect on the old school knowledge that living legend and activist Cicely Tyson shared when she said, “the moment anyone tries to demean or degrade you in any way, you have to know how great you are.” We Black are great and we have proved that time and time again. Know that the moment that someone questions the idea that Black Girls Rock, it is because they already know and are too afraid to admit we do.

And, like Michell Obama let’s “decided to rewrite those tired old scripts that define too many of us.” Let’s decide that were not “bossy,” but instead “confident and strong.” Let’s declare that we are not “loud,”  but young women with “something important to say” and let’s look in the mirror and see tall, beautiful and smart black girls looking back.

There is power in truth. So let’s continue to proudly show the world that we as Black women and girls do indeed, rock and let’s continue to drown out any voices that try to declare otherwise.

à bientôt

Charell Star | A Girl In A Dress

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