7 Apps for Making Friends When You’re Grown AF

7 Apps for Making Friends When You’re Grown AF

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Making friends is hard at any age.

It’s even more difficult when you’re grown AF and set in your independent, boss babe ways. As self-satisfying as it is to do things on your own it is also nice to have a squad who wants to roll with you – and maybe talk you out of bad decision or two;).   

The question is, how do you find these friends?

Sure, you can make some great BFFs at work, but what if you don’t gel with your co-workers in the – let’s grab a bottle of wine and watch Scandal – kind of way.

Well, like most things these days – there’s an app for that. Actually, there are more than two dozen apps on the market designed to help people with similar interest connect and make friends.

I sorted through the most popular ones and compiled the ones that were the most user-friendly (pun intended;)).

Here are my 7 favorite apps for making new (platonic) friends when you’re grown AF.  

1. Bvddy – For The Sports Inclined

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Available on IOS and Andriod, Bvddy literally finds someone for you play with. The app matches people looking for sports partners, pickup games or someone to workout with. You select the sporting activities you enjoy, your proficiency level and location and the app matches you with others in your area that like those activities too.  

2. Meet my Dog – For Dog Moms and Dads 

Meet my Dog helps you set up playdates for your pet and make some puppy loving friends in the process. The free social app – available on IOS – lets you upload of picture of you and your furry companion, chat with other dog owners, and see what other dogs are nearby for playtime at the park.  

3. Patook – For BFFs and Nothing More

Patook is no-nonsense when it comes to helping people make friends. The free app – available on IOS and Android – automatically weeds out users who try to flirt or hook up via its app and permanently bans them. The system matches people based on similar interests and location and makes it easy for women, men and couples to make platonic friends.   

4. Meetup – For the Squad Seeker 

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Geared towards connecting groups of people in IRL who share similar interest, Meetup is great for finding your tribe. Available on IOS and Android, the app lets users set up events for people who are passionate about anything from cooking to wine tasting to politics, to ice hockey.  

5. Peanut – For the New Mom

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Peanut helps mamas find friends with little ones of their own.  The free IOS app matches women users via location and child orientation. Matched moms can set up adult playdates or group chat via the app. The app is only open to female users and Facebook as its log-in interface, so make sure you’ve identified your sexual orientation on Facebook before signing up.   

6. Hey! Vina – For Women, By Women 

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Hey! Vina is a female-only app focused on helping women build a supportive community through their friends. The app lets users connect based on interest, age, and location and encourages them to meet for coffee as soon as they’re matched. The app is available on IOS.   

7. Real – For Those Who Don’t Want To Be Swayed By Looks 

Subconscious gender and racial bias are true hurdles when people are trying to move out of their comfort zone to make friends. Real tries to help by hiding profile photos until users have been matched by common interests and location. The fee IOS app wants people to swipe left on right based on appeal, not appearance.  

Let me know what you think of these friend-making apps!

-XOXO Charell Star | Not Just A Girl In A Dress 

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