5 Tips to Make This a Happy Day

5 Tips to Make This a Happy Day

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Happy Black womanBeing an entrepreneur comes with its own set of ups and down. Add to that the daily stresses of life and you’ll find that your emotions can vary wildly throughout the day. No one is happy 100% of the time, but I think happiness is something we all strive for each day. Happiness is important, and it contributes to how effective and productive we are at our jobs. Here are some tips to make this and everyday, a happy day:


Know what makes you happy

Slow yourself down and think about what exactly makes you happy. We are all unique and have different needs to make us happy. It is important for you to identify what these needs are so you can focus more energy and attention on that versus other less joyful moments. Meditation can be a huge help here. Take some quiet time  and allow yourself to look within and reflect.

Be grateful

It is important to be grateful for the things that make you happy. By simply acknowledging how grateful you are for them, you’ll feel happier. When we focus on the good, we are able to minimize negative thinking.  So go ahead be thankful for all the wonderful people, pets, joyous moments and accomplishments in your life. And, while you’re at it…take a moment to be happy that you have so much to be happy about.

Banish negativity, and embrace the positive

Negativity is everywhere, and crops up at the worst possible times. It’s a energy-suck and life is too short to let it get the best of you.  Happy people surround themselves with positivity as much as possible. Pay attention to how you feel after you interact with people in your life. Do the encounters leave you consistently feeling over-joyed or just sad? You need to determine what emotional environments you allow yourself to dwell. That is not to say, everyone around you will always be having a good day, but bad days should be the exception not the norm.

 Do something nice for yourself

If you haven’t seen the Parks & Recreation Treat Yo Self episode, I may question how committed you are to happiness in general.  It’s easy to get caught up in our day to day lives and sometimes we need to take away. All that stress and anxiety needs time to decompress, and doing something nice for yourself is a good way to start. Take a warm soothing bath, get yourself a well-deserved massage, or buy yourself that tech toy you’ve been eying for the past few months. It doesn’t always have to be something expensive or extravagant, but it should be something that puts a smile on your face.

Understand you deserve happiness now

Surprisingly, a lot of people feel like they don’t deserve happiness. Some feel they are too busy to enjoy happiness or that they need to put others before their own happiness.  Worst still some people think they’ll forgo happiness now and magically end up happy later in life. Let me be clear: you deserve to be happy and you deserve to have happiness now. I want you  to look in the mirror every morning and tell yourself you deserve happiness and today will be a good day. Even if this sounds silly, doing so will help you start the day in a positive way and become your daily opportunity to put a smile on your face. After all, if you can’t make you smile, who can?

à bientôt

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